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What is Read It & Reap?
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Title: Hard Revenge
Author: Jason Stanley
Genre: Thriller/Suspense
: Formats Available: Mobi
Pages: 233


Three choices. Stand and die. Run for your life. Escape to fight another day. These were Michelle's options after witnessing her brother’s murder. Really, only one worked . . . extract deadly revenge. (Rated R for language)

Michelle is a kick-ass hero you’ll love because she takes us on an action-packed thrill-ride about friendship, trust, and revenge.
In his debut novel, Hard Revenge Jason Stanley, set the stage for the ongoing Michelle Angelique action adventure pulp thriller series. Though unique among all the kick ass female heros in books today, Michelle Angelique is not a new brand of hero. She is the hero in all of us. She is an "everywoman". . . the woman we went to school with, or lives down the street. She finds the strength we know in our hearts, we'd find if faced with the same life changing disasters.

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Review Due Date: May 30, 2018

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Natalie (nem02)

Tori (torialvarez) | 2 comments

I would be interested in reading and reviewing :)

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I have added everyone.

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Natalie wrote: ""

Thank you for your review.

Tori (torialvarez) | 2 comments

I'm waiting for the Amazon review to go live.

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Tori, thank you for your review.

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Alaina (ameserole) | 49 comments I know it's short notice but I can totally read this before the 30th! - mobi please!!

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