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message 1: by Aimee (new)

Aimee Walker | 10 comments Hi! I'm a newly qualified proofreader. I am beta reading/critiquing in return for testimonials for my website. If you are interested let me know. My favourite genres are literary fiction, historical fiction, chick-lit but I'll read almost anything, including non-fiction.

message 2: by Trevor (last edited May 09, 2018 05:57AM) (new)

Trevor Morris | 67 comments Hi there, I have an 88k completed fantasy novel that may well be your cup of tea.

Saviour: the making of a superhero

He’s an artist who creates superheroes…
But does he have the courage to become one?


message 3: by Claire (new)

Claire | 21 comments Cam Girl Murders is complete at over 82K.

Someone is killing internet cam girls and the FBI has no clue. A former FBI agent now a PI who drinks too much from an episoide that happened four years ago is hired by the CEO of

It's the story of secrets, abandonment, hatred, life-changing events, pain, guilt, and forgiveness

If interested e-mail me at

message 4: by Aimee (new)

Aimee Walker | 10 comments If you want to send me the first couple of chapters I'll see how I get on!

message 5: by Aimee (new)

Aimee Walker | 10 comments Trevor wrote: "Hi there, I have an 88k completed fantasy novel that may well be your cup of tea.

Saviour: the making of a superhero

He’s an artist who creates superheroes…
But does he have the courage to becom..."

If you want to send me the first couple of chapters I'll see how I get on!

message 6: by Alicia (new)

Alicia Connor I'm writing a book that is fantasy/sci-fi. It is only four chapters so far, but I would like to know what people think about it. Would you be willing to look at it?

message 7: by Alicia (new)

Alicia Connor The main characters are superheroes. Gianna has been experimented on her whole life and doesn't know who she is or where he came from. Brandon has been doing his best dealing without both his parents, and the kidnapping of his sister as a kid. Then the two meet up and find out a secret that could change both their destinies.

message 8: by Tim (new)

Tim Pelton (timpelton) | 3 comments Hi Aimee. My novel is ready for beta reading! It's called Headfirst and it's a cross-genre piece, mostly New Adult but with strong undercurrents of Humor and Historical Fiction. What's it about? Here's the logline:

"The Hippies of the late 60's didn't invent sex, or drugs, or rock 'n' roll, but they were the first to mix the three into a way of life. Headfirst is the story of Jamie, a young man making his way through a tie-dyed and paisley world, searching for real love, true meaning, and the perfect high."

The novel is 120,000 words long.

I would very much like for you to beta-read it and let me know your thoughts. The "Beta Reader Checklist" would be more than sufficient.

You should be aware that the manuscript contains several fairly explicit love/sex scenes (consensual - no assault), frequent recreational drug use, and some rough language.

If you'd like to read it and give me a little feedback, please hit me back and we'll work out font, format, and transfer details.

Thanks in advance,
Tim Pelton

message 9: by Rose (new)

Rose | 22 comments I need a beta reader for a NA coming of age fantasy with strong characters, LGBT elements and a focus on found families. It is complete at~146000. Let me know if you're interested.

Lucas has dreams of being a hero of song and story, but as a thief and a liar he couldn't be less qualified. So when he meets Aimara, a seemingly helpless girl on her own, he is more than ready to be the hero she needs. But Aimara is neither alone nor helpless and his ideas of how heroic stories work begin crumbling one by one in her presence. Aimara is married and being hunted by an Imperial patrol that forces her to change into a mythical and powerful dragonborn to single handedly destroy the patrol. Seeing her true form means Lucas has seen too much, so the couple take him captive and bring him along on their journey to guarantee his silence. Lucas is happy to follow because he has fallen in love with the empathic Aimara and traveling with her allows him more time to try to win her away from her husband. Along the way he discovers that real families are the people you can rely on, love takes many forms, and being a hero isn’t always about heroic acts.

message 10: by Marta (new)

Marta Weeks (httpwwwmartacweekscom) | 19 comments Hi Aimee, looked at your webpage and would appreciate your read and critique my Fantasy/Paranormal series and happy to give you a review for your webpage.

I have published the introduction to my series, book one, The Sylph's Tale on Amazon, it has good reviews, I can provide a PDF.
I'm currently working on book edits. Here is a brief summary of my Fantasy/Paranormal series books:

The Sylph's Tale: a story of love, discovery, and magic loosely based on the “sons of Gods” as in the Torah and Genesis 6. Ages after witnessing creation the Archangel of Light is in his earthly paradise when a girl runs to escape a barbarian ritual. Voices order “take your Eve” after he obeys he's damned to be a being without a soul. His name becomes Ayekah: as in “Where are you?” He names her Haya or Eve. Haya has special powers, and she and other virgins birth the first generations of angel/humans. Together they change her cave society. After her death, Ayekah traverses the world until he tempts other angels to sin with women. The Almighty sets out wiping out the angel/human offspring but the Dragon of Eternity saves some. Ayekah returns to Haya's crypt until the 19th century when Haya commands: “Ayekah it is time.”

Book Two, Virgins, starts in 1958 when virgins birth five generations of twin women from Haya's cells with Ayekah's power. Ayekah forms The Retais to protect and control them. One is fertile the infertile is the watcher, like moss on a stone enslaved to each other in a sometimes terrifying world they rebel against what they think is superstition. Ancestral writs, voices, and apparitions guide them until tradition breaks and the last born, not twins, are driven to learn what they suspect is their true origin.

Book Three, ROLO, a dubious character, Sigrud Liera (Sig) forms The Tardell Corporation to infiltrate The Retais and dominate the last born, not twins. Rayena Gentray (Ray), an accomplished scientist who battles with right and wrong while completing research that brings the mutant ROLO to life. Her cousin, Aryana Delmars (Ary), a Parapsychologist foresees how Ray’s research will affect humanity must stop her. Sig makes Ray, Ary and himself a living part of ROLO.

There is the start of a third book: A battle between greed, magical powers, and humanity for eternal life. Humans almost become extinct. Ray and Ary join forces to infiltrate Tardell to destroy ancestral shackles that keep them bound to a destiny they come to refute.

Thank you for your consideration.

message 11: by Marta (new)

Marta Weeks (httpwwwmartacweekscom) | 19 comments The Sylph's Tale Sorry Aimee, forgot to add a link to The Sylph's Tale.

message 12: by Palle (new)

Palle | 41 comments Hi Aimee,
I have a completed dark fantasy novel of about 120k words. If you are interested I can send you a few chapters to see how you get on :)

message 13: by Aimee (new)

Aimee Walker | 10 comments Thanks for all the interest! I’ve enough to keep me busy for a week or so but if you’re happy to wait, message me for my email address

message 14: by Shaynn (last edited May 18, 2018 10:55PM) (new)

Shaynn Haugen | 8 comments Hello Aimee,
I've recently completed my first draft for, 'A Bird with Gold-Mended Wings', a 150k sci-fi/slice of life novel. If you're willing to take on another project, maybe it would interest you? I can send you the first few chapters to see if it's something you'd enjoy. I understand you've gotten quite a bit of attention, so I'm happy to wait.

Here is my plot blurb:

Catherine had thought getting a friend for her android, Hokuro, would be simple. But when Hokuro ends up choosing the beautiful but troubled Seiji, their lives are turned upside-down. Suddenly confronted with their own respective baggage, they struggle to create a family together, all while Seiji’s past comes back to haunt them.

If that sounds appealing, I can be reached here via private message, or at

Thank you very much in advance!

message 15: by Carissa (new)

Carissa Atrianty | 19 comments Hi Aimee,

I'm a new writer looking for beta readers who are available to read my manuscript. If you're available/interested to read my finished first draft and share some feedback, I'd really appreciate it. The following is the novel info:

Title: Wonderlust
Words: 118K
Genre: New Adult Contemporary Romance
Sub-genre: Road trip, Adventure, Crime
Target Audience: Age 20+
Synopsis: With her graduation coming up in a year, San Francisco-born budding architect Gianna "Gigi" Woodsen has nothing to worry about but focus on her resume-boosting program at Berlin, Germany. Though everything is as perfect as it seems, Gigi never quite feels content. She longs to unleash her long, hidden passion, but her busy schedule eventually halts her.

One fateful night, a mysterious email leads her to crossing paths with Claude Dupont, a charming, traveling French photographer. When Claude offers her for a trip to Paris to help her seek inspiration – unlock her passion by all means – Gigi can't refuse.

But behind the thrilling adventure across three countries, there's
a reason hidden in plain sight. Little does Gigi know, they are not alone and the trip may just be more than a vacation as it looks.


Let me know about your availability or if you're interested and I look forward to hearing from you.
Thank you very much.

message 16: by Buffy (new)

Buffy | 13 comments Need a beta who is a fan of YA fantasy!

“A border is the last relic of the clash between sorcerers and mages. An 11-year-old llama herder with mages powers save a sorcerer’s life and choses to become the sorcerer’s apprentice. Learning to harness his powers opens up a new and exciting world, but at the cost of hiding his identity from a world that fears him.”

Complete, workshopped, and decently edited. I’ve had some bites but no offers and am hoping for feedback in making this story really shine. Length is 85k words. I’ll send you half, and if the feedback is good, I’ll send over the rest. Also would like help with the title. Mageborn is taken and Hierophant is apparently too hard to remember.

Can be contacted at

message 17: by Hailey (new)

Hailey Sawyer | 75 comments Hi there Buffy. Would you be interested in reading the first chapter of my first novel?

message 18: by Chris (new)

Chris Liberty | 41 comments are you still beta reading? My email address is I have a 49,000-word dinosaur novel I'd like you to read

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