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message 1: by Theweebarrell (new)

Theweebarrell | 61 comments how many people read for long periods of time on tablets, i have a kindle but
i was thinking of reading on a tablet and wondered how people found reading on a tablet

Stephanie Hutabarat | 1093 comments I used ipad for reading, besides read also from real book. Once i want to buy kobo but still not decided buying it or not, because i dont think it’s too much have ipad and then e-reader. But in one side, ipad have more functions compare to e-reader. I can watching movies, sometimes playing game,etc while not with e-reader. But, in another side, to be honest reading from ipad hurt my eyes when too long using it because it’s not designed for reading. So, still considering it.

message 3: by Linda (new)

Linda (beaulieulinda117gmailcom) | 1483 comments I read on my tablet all the time.

message 4: by Jannelies (new)

Jannelies | 301 comments I read on my tablet 90%. The other 10 is for re-reading paper books. I'm nearly blind in one eye so reading from the tablet goes way better - I can adjust the font size.

message 5: by CBRetriever (new)

CBRetriever | 1540 comments I've found that tablets have to either have the light turned down a bit or blue shade applied for reading or it tires your eyes a lot. I don't have that response on my Kindle. on the Amazon Fires, using the Sepia background helps a lot

message 6: by Carol (new)

Carol (carolfromnc) | 13854 comments For the last 2 years, I read ebooks on the Kindle app on my ipad mini. I'm probably a 50-50 reader of print vs ebooks.

I do very much like being able to increase the font size, manipulate line spacing and apply a different background/shade/lighting for evening reading.

message 7: by Jan C (new)

Jan C (woeisme) | 36376 comments I read on my Kindle, Fire and tablet. Not sure for how long at a time I read on the tablet but I find it is easier to click on links with it.

Peter (on semi hiatus and trying to catch up) (peterdonnelly) | 334 comments I have Kindle Paperwhite, Fire HD7 and iPad 10" and I would say the Kindle Paperwhite is clearly the best to read books. It uses front light so the light is directed towards the screen rather than directly out at your eyes with backlight devices. It also has an antiglare screen where tablets tend to have reflective screens. This helps reduce eye strain.

The 6" form factor is also much easier and lighter to handle than even a 7" tablet.

message 9: by Miss M (new)

Miss M | 560 comments I read 300+ books a year on my tablet. I find the small screen size of most e-ink readers very annoying. (There are now large-screen versions from Kobo and Amazon, but I don't like the Oasis design and I'm still waiting for better availability of Kobo in the US.) I keep the lighting low or sometimes use blue shade and generally don't have problems--the adjustable font sizes really help! Batteries do run down faster than on e-ink devices.

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