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message 1: by cosmic (new)

cosmic (erosful) | 67 comments

Post here if you're having trouble choosing a face claim or a character concept. It'll be likely that someone will comment with assistance.

message 2: by quq (last edited May 12, 2018 05:50PM) (new)

quq  (190511) do you know how to make a series of pictures all the same size?

message 3: by Angel (new)

Angel (angelyh) | 241 comments Mod
you change their dimensions

message 4: by quq (new)

quq  (190511) um how do you do that

message 5: by Angel (new)

Angel (angelyh) | 241 comments Mod
do you know how to add in a picture?

message 6: by quq (new)

quq  (190511) yes

message 7: by quq (new)

quq  (190511) how do I change the dimensions though?

message 8: by Ev (last edited May 12, 2018 06:22PM) (new)

Ev (kickbuttbookworm) image: <.img src="" width="40" height="100" alt="description"/.> (Width must be 0-400, Height must be 0-1000, alt is a description of the image. All three are optional, but recommended.)

The 40 and 100 in here are the dimensions, so just change those

message 9: by Ev (new)

Ev (kickbuttbookworm) But without those two periods at the end and the beginning

message 10: by quq (new)

quq  (190511) Oh ok, thank you Ev!

message 11: by Ev (new)

Ev (kickbuttbookworm) No problem!

message 12: by Angel (new)

Angel (angelyh) | 241 comments Mod
for example, to make it square, you would put one number in both quotations. just play around with dimensions a bit

message 13: by quq (new)

quq  (190511) yeah, I think I got it now
thanks so much guys

message 14: by Lily Marie (new)

Lily Marie Angel, can you help me with the Prince? I really need some help.

FC: KJ Apa? Sean Mendes? Logan Lerman? What works with you?

Personality: I'm thinking of something more along the lines of a loud, silly prince who is often passed off as a stereotypical jock but is really so much more on the inside, maybe with a talent for poetry?

message 15: by Angel (new)

Angel (angelyh) | 241 comments Mod
Evangeline is blonde, for starters, with green eyes. I know Logan Lerman has green eyes, but I’m not sure about him as a FC. I like KJ Apa! Maybe Noah Centineo ? There was another actor I was thinking of, but I forgot their name...

message 16: by Lily Marie (new)

Lily Marie Hmm, I kind of like Logan Lerman as he looks very princely. Because of the way genetics work, it is possible for him to still have brown hair. Thoughts on the personality?

message 17: by Angel (new)

Angel (angelyh) | 241 comments Mod
I think that idea is good. Like maybe the tabloids present him as a typical manly man, but obviously he’s much more than that.

message 18: by Angel (new)

Angel (angelyh) | 241 comments Mod
ok so for my newscaster reporter interviewer lady

i was going to go with tessa violet, but maybe tessa thompson?? i always imagined the character with vibrantly dyed hair (so violet gets a point), but also thompson is so beautiful!!

message 19: by cosmic (new)

cosmic (erosful) | 67 comments

i feel like thompson would fit the royal secretary more tbh

message 20: by jay (new)

jay (jaysonstreet) | 118 comments lowkey i'm leaning towards tessa violet because she has the hair. it reminds me of the interview guy from THG. i think his name was caesar flickermen???

message 21: by Angel (new)

Angel (angelyh) | 241 comments Mod
omg ur right jay
tessa violet it is

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