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message 1: by M. A. (new)

M. A. Hickman (mahickman) | 67 comments I woke up yesterday morning fron another dream that I had to write down (I have had a few like this before but they never really left the plot bunny catagory) this was the first time I have written down more then just plot ideas. This time an entire scene flowed onto paper. I wrote it just how I had seen it in my dream, which means the character names are actually from a TV show and 2 of my favorite book series. Originally I was going to post in as a fan fiction cross over to be able to get feed back (since these characters where in my dream). My question is where do you go to get feedback, other then friends and family? This is the first thing I have written and Im excited about it and want honest feedback. Is the fanfiction sites a good place to start? Or is there some place else I can post just the one scene to see if it is worth moving forward on?

message 2: by Tommy (new)

Tommy Hancock (tommyhancock) | 954 comments I think there's a section here in this group where you can share writing for feedback, but I don't know how active it is. If not, there are other groups who do it, and possibly groups dedicated to it(not sure on that, but just kind of assuming).

You could also look for forums. I know forums for such a purpose exist, but don't know of any off hand.

My #1 suggestion, though, is to wait on it. Wait until you've had time to polish whatever section you have written. That way you're getting feedback on something a bit more complete. Just my two cents.

message 3: by B.B. (new)

B.B. Shepherd (bbshepherd) I completely agree with Tommy. If it's something you care about and envision as more than fan fiction (in which case you need to change the characters and names enough to make them yours!), a ff site would not be the best place for many reasons. And if you really care about it, you'll want to craft it. That takes a lot of time and care.

A writer's group or forum would probably be very helpful and perhaps encouraging. Your local library might be able to help you find a local group, and there's always NaNoWriMo in November. There are places online too, of course, but be careful!

I think everybody is inspired by dreams, but it takes much, much more than that to make a good story.

That's my two cents. Now you've almost got a nickel! :)

message 4: by M. A. (new)

M. A. Hickman (mahickman) | 67 comments Thank you so much for the nickel hahaha. The funny thing is I used the other character names because of the dream and to get it down on paper but those really do not fit my characters either. Just haven't found the right fit yet. Kind of like nameing your baby just need to think more about the character names.

message 5: by B.B. (new)

B.B. Shepherd (bbshepherd) Exactly. Take your time with it. It's exciting to have ideas and want to share them, but there's no hurry.

message 6: by Tommy (new)

Tommy Hancock (tommyhancock) | 954 comments I wish I could "LIKE" the nickel comment haha.

And Millie, best of luck. And keep at it! If you see something special in the idea, know that that means it's there and it deserves however much time/work you need to give to it in order to represent that special-ness to the would-be readers.

message 7: by Leonie (new)

Leonie (leonierogers) | 34 comments I'd suggest finding a writers group, and write some more, so that you have a bit more of a story.

People who aren't afraid to tell you the truth are really helpful.

Karen’s Library | 11320 comments Mod
Great advice you guys!! Way more than a nickel's worth! ;)

message 9: by Tommy (new)

Tommy Hancock (tommyhancock) | 954 comments Karen wrote: "Great advice you guys!! Way more than a nickel's worth! ;)"


message 10: by Tommy (new)

Tommy Hancock (tommyhancock) | 954 comments @Millie

I don't know where you stand on the plotter/pantser scale, but I found this page a while back. It's got a nice amount of simple plot/character/etc development sheets. They may not help, but it can't hurt to look at and try plugging your idea into.


message 11: by M. A. (new)

M. A. Hickman (mahickman) | 67 comments @ Tommy

Oh my gosh thank you so much. This will help for sure.

message 12: by Liam (new)

Liam O'Donnell (liamodonnell) Some great advice for starting writers here - finding a group of fellow writers is key and definitely worth more than a nickel!

If I could, I'd like to add one more thing:

Whether your a plotter or a pantser, it's crucial to finish that first draft. It'll be a mess and filled with gaps, but push through until you can write "The End". After that, you can decide if you want to go back and fix it or move on to that new idea bouncing in your brain. I spent too many years stopping at chapter 5 and moving onto a new project that caught my attention.

So, keep writing and don't worry about it being awful. All first drafts stink. :)

message 13: by M.T. (new)

M.T. McGuire (mtmcguire) | 18 comments Hello there! Like many other folks I'd recommend a writing group too. It is possible to find them on line. A friend of mine got to know a cracking bunch of people on Authonomy.com although they did feedback by emailing each other rather than forums. There's a site called youwriteon which is quite good for feedback. You earn points giving feedback and post your own excerpts which others can five you a critique on.

When it comes to how you plot, you're only going to find out if you have a go. Likewise character names, I find they gel once the characters start to talk to one another.

As the great Sir Terry Pratchett said, " the main thing is to just keep writing." It's true. The more you write the better it gets. It takes ages but it's worth hanging in there. And good luck.



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