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SOLVED: Adult Fiction > SOLVED. Series: Girl goes to visit her ex but ends up in wrong apartment (306/309) w/ loud music, becomes addicted to the guy. He's hiding a secret... Spoiler ahead. [s]

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Kate  | 10 comments So I read this book like maybe a year or two ago and it’s about this girl who’s good friends with her ex and she’s going to visit him and his apt number is 306 I think so as she’s walking she hears loud music I think and stop at what she thinks is 306 but it turns out that the number 9 is flipped so it looks like a 6, but she meets this man and later on the book they become addicted to each other and they don’t leave his apt, and she later finds he’s hiding this secret in this room that he always keeps locked up and she later finds out it’s this like film room. What’s the title please help

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Kate  | 10 comments And another thing the next book to this series is that the couple have a kid and their daughter is seeing this guy who has major issues and when he goes to meet her parents, her parents see that he has cigarette burns on his arm which he caused and they are worried about their relationship, this happens in a kitchen

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Kate, please read the rules and suggestions on the top of the group page. Or even just the pop-up Group Rules that pops up when you enter anything into the comment box.

While you did a fairly good job on the description (except for the age it's aimed and and the genre) you need to go back and do something with your title. Most of our group only read threads that are in their chosen genre, which means--they don't read threads that just say variations on Help, can't remember the title of this book.

And, BTW, spoilers are allowed as long as you warn about them. Which brings up the question about (view spoiler)? If it is a spoiler, then you need to edit that part of your post to alert people that a spoiler is coming up. You can either use the HTML spoiler alert that I used or just type SPOILER and hit the enter key 4 or 5 times before putting that information in. If you don't know how to use the HTML, click on the Some HTML is OK notice at the upper right of the comment box. But this is only available in the COMPUTER version of GR, not in the app versions. If you are using the app only, say so and a mod will make the necessary edits for you.

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I added plot details to the topic header. Feel free to edit it using the desktop website, not the mobile app.

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Kate  | 10 comments Yes thank you Ayshe

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