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Here you can submit questions for lauren Oliver's I will get them to her via email only the top 5-7 will be chosen please make your question have meaning. Instead of saying " how did you get you inspiration for writing" say "how were you inspired to write about this certain character or idea" the interveiw will be posted mid September

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Kirstie Ellen (kirstieellen) | 22 comments I love the book! But I would like to know what made you decide to make Sammy's fate so final, what made you choose decide to redeem her character through death rather than life?

Bookaholic_charu | 3 comments The delirium trilogy was totally epic!! I would like to know that how did the idea of writing some poetic stuff or excerpts from the Book Of Shhh, occur to you?! It indeed added piquancy to the matter and made the book yet more evocative!! How did the matter of the excerpts come to you?? I seeiously commend you a hundred times for that beautiful piece of work!! It was truly amazing!! And though the ending was perfect, I never cease to wonder what happens to everyone next!? Specially Hana, Lena, Julian and Alex. But that i fathom is another thing altogether. Thank you.

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This thread is still open guys! Post your questions fast! We'll be posting the interview in the first week of September!! Hurry up or you'll be missing a wonderful opportunity!

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Sasha (sashavis) what was your inspiration for the story? was ot originally planned to be a trilogy? was it hard to develope characters and a whole new setting?

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Thanks for asking a question Sasha! We'll make sure it gets answered :D

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