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descriptiondescription description
twenty-four || male || headguard || straight || caste two || six feet two inches & 200 pounds

always quite aggressive, practically since birth. Rafael can be polite as well, but mainly to the ladies. He has a rather dominant personality; if he does not feel in control of a situation, he becomes quite unsure. He is quite an amicable fellow for the most part. He can be rough around the edges, and a bit overly flirtatious, but has toned it down since he began working at the castle.

► polite
► intelligent
► charitable

► aggressive
► argumentative
► obsessive

born a bastard to a politician and his maid, Rafael grew up without ever knowing his father and being taunted about it. He was a good student, never making any trouble. However, all the constant fights he was in gave him a no nonsense, aggressive attitude. When he was eighteen, he left his home, looking for opportunities to support his ailing mother and himself. Becoming a guard was the best opportunity he ever had, and he quickly became head guard. The job pay wells, enough to support him and his mother back home.

rafael is quite good looking, and while he was quite skinny in his childhood, now he is more muscular after his time of being a guard. He has a long, pink scar up his left forearm that he got in a sword fight with a drunken friend of his.

descriptiondescription description

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age ; 19 | gender ; female | sexuality ; hetero | profession ; princess | caste ; 1 | five feet ten inches & 128 pounds
EVANGELINE, affectionately known as Eva in intimate circles, is the Princess of Illea.

She was born a powerful ruler too- she was born to the King and Queen of Illea, some of the most powerful people on earth. She was born on January 17th. She was always surrounded by a team of nannies- at least 3 at a time, who never stayed for more than a month. She was educated with a variety of tutors- she maybe saw her parents two or three times a year outside of formal events. She never had a close relationship with either of them, due to their focus on their duties. Evangeline is a bit elitist, and isn't the most pleased at being forced into a Selection to appease the masses. She detests the idea of marrying someone of a lower caste. Her best gift ever was an adorable dog for companionship, and it's probably the only thing she loves with no strings attached. She is fiercely defensive of her family's reputation, and would defend it until the death.

Her future marriage will not be one of romance however-- it will be for strategic purposes. If she has to be in the Selection, it may as well be the best match for Illea.
SHE isn't as soul sucking as some believe- she feels the need to validate her authority with every move. Confidence radiates off of her. Indeed, she can be cold and conniving, with a heart of stone to get what she wants, but if you know her closely she'll become more friendly and kind. She can be anyone- which makes her a great manipulator. She can be fiercely protective of her friends, and tends to manage her anger horribly, making other people's life living hell if she's in a sour mood. She's also quite snobbish, and holds herself as the paragon of human perfection.
POSSESSING clear, dewy skin, wide emerald eyes framed by inky black fluttering lashes, thick eyebrows, slightly curled golden blonde hair, and pink pouty lips, she's simply stunning. Many men- of all ages- have fell for her, only to feel the dissapointment of rejection- after all, she is a Princess. She is taller than the average person, but petite when compared to the rest of her family.

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descriptiondescription description
18 || female || caste 3 || panromantic || aspiring university student || carolinas

Shy, introverted, and nerdy, Isadora was never too good at making friends. She is an absolute fangirl, going nuts for all the stereotypical nerdy things, as well as vintage music she sometimes listens to, the riskiest thing she's over done. She’s concerned about making friends and worried about cliques... She’s a little excited to try everything, but nervous about the fact she is so much obviously poorer than everybody else. She’s determined to at least make a friend and not get involved in drama.

► sweet
► studious
► respectful

► shy
► worrier
► indecisive

Isa’s parents met at university, where Isa's mother was receiving her second mastes degree and her father was getting his PhD. Her father and mother got married in a whirlwind after her father got his PhD in a record breaking two years. Isadora was born just a month after her father got tenure (after only a year of employment at the university) and everything seemed to be going great for the first ten years of Isa’s life. Then her mother got brain cancer, and all money was drained just to keep her alive, to no avail. Then her father re-married a truly nice lady, with some horrible girls two years older than Isadora. She applied for the selection, hoping the allowance she receives will help her father and give her the money to attend university. She is also excited to be away from her step sisters, although nervous to be around so many people for so long.

► bubble milk tea
► reading
► fangirling

► conflict
► step-sisters
► stereotyping

She used to wear a pair of thick, tortiseshell frames, but once she became selected, she decided she would wear contacts to look less nerdy. She is determined to look decentl, so she has decided to wear her glamorous step-sisters’ cast offs.

descriptiondescription description

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NAME Luciana Camellia Aldaine

AGE 20


SEXUALITY Heterosexual






Luciana bears a porcelain complexion of fair gold and eyes like the purest of sapphires surrounded by delicate lashes with carefully tended brows. Over her shoulders fall rich waves of butterscotch coloured hair framing her soft features. Her face is oft graced by a serene expression, the corners of her full lips turned up ever so slightly and her eyes faintly aglow with curious focus. She cuts a delicate figure of around average height much like her mother once did.

Luciana places on herself a carefully crafted smile, serene and dignified. She is a commanding presence, elegant and proud. Her greatest goal is to be respected by others, to never be looked down upon by anyone, to be the person that all people look to as an authority. Her respect for her father surpasses all others, he embodies the type of person she wishes to be and despite his flaws and absences, she is proud to call such a wonderful man her father. Like her father, her mind is sharp with a knack for strategy. To declare her genius would not be entirely inaccurate, in fact, her intelligence is one of her greatest traits. Luciana believes that to be knowledgeable is to be prepared and to be prepared is to be safe. She also believes that cunning is a person's best weapon and that when paired with a hearty dose of wisdom and common sense it becomes all the more effective of a method of victory.

Scarcely will one see Luciana lose her temper, she is calm and collected with highly developed emotional restraint. Eloquent speech and knowledge of her social graces make her truly ladylike, but above all she has dignity. She is very much like her father, merely more feminine, but that is her external display. Internally she is much more like her mother than she knows. It is usually hidden by a graceful facade, but she is truly a kind and doting person. She will never act out of the normal in a crowd, but with just one other person she becomes much more tentative and often seems much less her usual self. Perhaps it is the fact that she feels more in control when there is only one other person, she can handle one person easier than she could a hundred, but either way, contrary to what her father once thought it is not a grand ball that will bring out her sweet side it is a private conversation of activity. She will always try to hide it, but deep down she is much more affected by the words of others, in fact, it contributes to her need to be such a reserved and dignified person.

In her summation, Luciana is a well-fortified exterior with a heart of glass, she may be strong with a divine presence, but if you can manage to sneak past her walls of well-carved stone and reach her fragile heart to break her would be far too easy.

Luciana Camellia Aldaine, the enigmatic daughter of Lucien Aldaine, General of Illea's armies. People know little of her, a princess in her own right she lives pampered in her beautiful palatial home away from prying eyes, but in her few appearances she has drawn all eyes to her with a presence as commanding as her fathers. She was born in the capital of Angeles, her mother, Camellia, a fair and beautiful young actress who was the apple of the public's eye. Her father loved her dearly, but Luciana never had the pleasure of knowing her mother. Camellia passed away of illness when Luciana was two years old. Luciana vaguely recalls her mother singing her a song as she fell asleep, though nothing more. Growing up it was simply her and her father and that was more than enough for Luciana. Lucien was not always home and so he made sure that she was cared for by none but the best and he supplied her all he could.

As a child, Luciana disliked wasting her time on dolls, she saw the importance of what her father did and wanted to be like him. Luciana wanted the respect of everyone in any room she walked into, she wanted to be known for traits of substance, not her ability to keep a house clean. She inherited the talents of both her parents, by the age of five she had learned to play chess and by 9 her ability to bluff and strategize made her a worthy opponent for any pro gambler. She was proud of her competence with these games, but to her, that's all they were. Games. She could never be like her father if all she did was play games. She needed something else. She began to ask if she could watch the soldiers train and day after day her father would say no... Until one day he didn't. She watched how people fought, she examined it and determined what worked and what didn't, but even that was only worth so much and her father grew worried that she was growing to focused on being like him. He decided she should try something more ladylike, he paid to have her taught etiquette and social graces, how to cook and how to sew and even put her in acting classes thinking it would let her connect to her mother and not just him.

Luciana tolerated her father's designated classes but still carried herself with the reserved dignity she so desired to maintain and not the careless sweetness that he thought usual for young girls. Luciana appreciated his efforts and admittedly benefitted from learning how to conduct herself, but Lucien still thought that it was his fault she didn't act more like his elegant yet carefree wife. He threw fanciful parties in hopes that it would bring out a side still buried, but Luciana simply presided over them like a patron. Those who came to know her thought her kind, polite and wise beyond her years, but dignified. Paired with her youthful beauty her queenly nature demanded the attention of all those around her, she was not like most young ladies her age, she was truly an enigma. Such was what an older gentleman at one of her father's parties thought as well when he attempted to force himself upon her. Once a friend of her father then man thought that he and Luciana were meant to be. It was by chance her father had heard her call for help. That was the end of his attempts to bring out another side.

From that day onward Luciana stayed in the home with only the company of servants and her father when he was home. She had never been so scared. Luciana was composed all her life, always in control of everyone and everything around her, but for that moment, that moment that felt like an eternity, she was helpless. She refused to allow it to happen again, she couldn't let anyone think of themselves as entitled to her. When she was selected she saw a chance. The daughter of a general was not to be trifled with, but a queen? A queen was beyond reproach, to be queen would be to become all she could ever have dreamed of being. Her father too saw it as a great gift of fortune. He knew that if his daughter and the prince fell in love he'd never have to worry about her again, that she'd be safe and cared for even after he passed away. Lucien offered his daughter every luxury to guarantee her success and enjoyment during the selection.

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♕ Adrien Quincey Schreave ♕
nineteen year old male ♕
♕ bisexual ♕
♕ caste one ♕
♕ prince of illea ♕

born to rule, adrien schreave is cocky, smart, and charming. he’s an extremely confident person, illustrated by everything from his mannerisms to his quick quips. adrien is a pro at looking the part of royalty as well as acting it. he never has a hair out of place, has impeccable posture, and is confident and poised. the royal parents are constantly on his case about being too confident, however. adrien is the complete opposite of humble, and is pretty much a self centered brat.

spoiled from a young age by his parents and the entire castle staff, adrien loves himself. he grew up in constantly company of his twin sister, evangeline, and although he doesn’t show it, loves her very much. he’s also very protective over his younger siblings as well, and has a good relationship with his parents. adrien wasn’t exactly opposed to having a selection. he thinks that having a spouse would be good for his image-- as long as his spouse is equally as good looking as him.

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adrian has bbe- big brat energy. approved!! btw, which one of them is the older twin?

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jay (jaysonstreet) | 118 comments you can decide that, i'm not sure

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OPHELIA GRACE SCHREAVE   ───────────────────────────
description   seventeen, demi, fem, caste one, & princess

The youngest of the Schreaves, Ophelia is no doubt spoiled and pressured under the royal lifestyle. Everything she's ever wanted has been handed to her at birth, and she's had to conform to the appearances that her elder siblings had set before her. Many would think that Ophelia carries the arrogance of Adrien, or the need for perfection like Evangeline. However, she is the complete opposite. With awkward simplicity and elegance, and a wide smile on her face, Ophelia is a kind figure that puts her heart over her head. She's no doubt a people-pleaser, and she does what she can to make others happy, even if it means sacrificing her own happiness. However, she can be impulsive or forgetful of proper mannerisms, evident in the way she'll accidentally burp during a meal or stand up for a maid after a mistake. Some try to take Ophelia's kindness for granted, and while she does hold herself as such, she is by no means incompetent, and can very well defend herself and those she cares for when needed.

The first time someone said that Ophelia was not good enough was when she was two and trying to learn her first words. She'd yet to find her voice in the big world, and already, a tutor that had once seen to her older siblings had dubbed her as a unfortunate figure. For years, the youngest Schreave had been hidden behind the shadows of her siblings. Though she was pampered and loved to no end, Ophelia was merely a baby with no importance to Illea's politics. As she got older, she pushed down her bitter resentment and vowed to make herself known. She began participating in charity events and support groups with her own name, and learned how to become a better person. Now at seventeen, the young princess loves her life more than spoken words could comprehend properly.

Lynx ~ 10/1 Never Forgotten | 51 comments Name: Wren Eiriz
Age: 19
Sexuality: hetero
Gender: female
Caste: 5
Profession: Aerial performer
Province: Sonage
Personality: Wren is a very confident young lady full of strength. She appears very brave, facing heights and nerve-wracking situations in a blink of an eye. However, she has grown up in a bubble. She knows no life beyond the grind of traveling, practicing, and performing. When it comes to social interaction she knows she is at odds, she knows she is less educated, and she knows her perceptions of the world are skewed compared to normal people. When she feels disadvantaged she hides herself behind either a mask of confidence or of mystery.
History: Born to a family of circus performers, Wren has lived her entire life in the show business. Her mother, Silva, was a 6 who left an abusive household to help clean after the troop's animals. Wren's father,  Hagan, was the lion/tiger tamer and strong man. It wasn't long before they fell in love. Never staying long in one place and with home being where they pitched their tent, they only had one child. Wren grew up as one of eight kids in the large circus troop, schooled with them, and is close to all of them. They are the siblings she never had. While they never recieved an ideal education due to funding and time constraints, they were taught math by their bookkeeper, reading and writing by their advertiser, science by books and their resident doctor, and languages from the diverse individuals in the troop. Wren always loved talking to the people in her troop and learning the languages they knew. Beyond English she knew Spanish, French, and Russian near fluently. She had picked up enough Japanese to hold a basic conversation, but the lady who had been teaching her that language had only been with the troop for a year. She isn't very skilled at reading or writing any of the languages, but she prides herself in being able to speak them.
Most of her time was sucked up by training. She has been dancing and practicing gymnastics for as long as she could remember. Now her body is lean and strong, sculpted by years of practice. Her father had hoped she would follow his steps in animal work but it had quickly become apparent she wasn't patient enough for the task. Sure, she cared for the animals and assisted him from time to time, but it was dance and gymnastics which held her heart and captured her soul. The mother of her best friend was a brilliant aerial performer, and it was through her guidance that she gained the skills she has in hoops and silk climbing.
Other: She has a tiger named Lily. Lily is fifteen year old retired tiger her father had worked with. Wren had memories of Lily as far back as she could remember, and the two had been close. When Lily was meant to be put down due to a leg injury that would leave her with a permanent limp, Wren took her in. The old tiger is fat and lazy now, her comfort paid for by Wren's extra work and careful budgeting. Now, after being Selected, Wren's only worry is if she would be allowed to bring her companion along as well.

Lynx ~ 10/1 Never Forgotten | 51 comments Name: Roderick "Rui" Silver
Age: 18
Sexuality: Bisexual
Gender: Male
Caste: 2
Profession: Model
Province: Hansport
Personality:  Rui comes across as an easy-going, sophisticated guy. He is quick to smile even as he is quiet and prefers to let others take the spotlight. He is a momma's boy through and through, and it is her alone who he can say he truly loves. Rui has mastered the art of concealing his emotions, masking them with his smiles and soothing vibe. He has a soft spot for animals - dogs in particular - and feels like many wrongs in the world could be cured by their loyal happiness. Rui is prone to bouts of depression and suffers from eating disorders and body shame.
History: Rui's mother is a popular photographer for large name magazines, his step-father a fitness model. Rui barely remembers his father, just the occasional memory of his father - a leading journalist - reading to him as a child or sitting at his desk with glasses perched on his nose, soft yellow curtains billowing lightly from the open window above the desk. It had been just Rui and his mother for a few years after the car accident that killed his father, and while finances were strained they were comfortable. He was ten when his mother married a famous fitness model. Shortly after that Rui was pushed into the world of modeling by an encouraging mother and strict step-father. He always wanted to see Rui excel, and pushed him hard towards that goal. By fifteen Rui had body images and struggled with eating disorders, even though he was hailed as an attractive up and coming model. To this day he still struggles with his image, even after moving out at 17 and being popular enough to support himself.
- He hates being called Rick. Richard is his step-father's name and he often goes by Rick. Roderick strongly prefers either Roderick or Rui.
- Yellow is his favorite color

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NAME Hugo Cassius Schreave

AGE 18







Proper, princely and perfect. No words come to mind before those when thinking of Prince Hugo Cassius Schreave of Illea. Ever since he was a little kid he was focused on standing out, on being accomplished and special. He values talent, skill and knowledge greatly, Hugo himself has dedicated countless hours to honing all these traits and is accomplished in many fields. His manners are unquestionably perfect and his demeanour is as formal and charming as one would expect of a Prince. Hugo is heavily focused on being perfect and as such he can be very particular about many things, being clean and tidy is very important to him, so much as a crease or a speck on an outfit is more than reason enough for him to change. Hugo also has a habit of being bitingly honest. He's learned to charmingly work around giving straight answers, however, he is not afraid to tell someone the truth about what he thinks, particularly with his own family. It isn't necessarily done with bad intent, in fact, he does it so that no one makes a fool of themselves. This can, however, take a turn if someone bothers him, he can just as easily take his honesty and pair it with a chilling jab and an icy tone and suddenly he's mentally debilitated his foe.

Hugo was the third child of the King and Queen of Illea. Hugo often felt overlooked when he was younger, his older siblings were twins, the attention of eldest child was generally split between them and not long after he was born his younger sister came along, so he wasn't the baby of the family for very long. It wasn't that he didn't feel loved or that no one paid attention to him, he simply felt that everything he had done wasn't interesting, either his siblings had done first or his sister had begun trying to do it, but it was cuter because she was younger. He learned rather quickly that if he wanted to stand out he would have to excel and so he began to request that he take extra classes and lessons for all kinds of things. He would use his free time to practice his manners or to play a new sport, not a single second of any day was wasted and as the years went on he achieved his goal, he had truly begun to stand out. He could sing, dance, paint, play instruments, recite poetry by memory, use all the correct etiquette, play sports, write prose, cook, bake and speak different languages. Without a doubt, he had proven himself worthy of recognition, but it had become more than that to Hugo, he was focused on self-betterment and became obsessed with doing everything perfectly. He couldn't tolerate imperfection in himself so he worked to eliminate it and so even by the age of 18 he still maintained his rigorous schedule, constantly touching up on one skill or learning another.

Due to all the focus, he had put onto one thing or the next, Hugo didn't get to spend as much time with other people. Despite his charm and talent, he lacks close relationships. Hugo had few friends growing up, he never had the chance to become well acquainted so his siblings were the only ones he was ever close to. He can be a bit harsh to them at times, an affectation of his personality, but in the end, he does care for them deeply, he just doesn't show it. Unlike with his siblings, he was never very close with his parents, to Hugo they were the people he had to impress, that created a gap between them that made it difficult for him to connect with them. He's always acted like the perfect son, but it was more so out of respect than out of love. The selection for his siblings has had little meaning to Hugo, to him it's simply a schedule annoyance. He hopes his siblings end up happy and all, but he knows it's not going to change tradition and as far as he's concerned the selection is just a fact of life.

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mercedeses polanco + 18 + female + leo + queer + musician + dominica + caste two + xxx

like a bird being knocked down from it's perch, mercedeses is a bit shaken. while she can be very confident, and give off an aura of control and strength, it is said that those who smile the brightest hurt the most. she isn't as arrogant and ignorant as before, in fact after her mother's death she began to soften, and become kinder, but is still a bit closed off in general. you can become acquaintances with her, but if you genuinely want to be her friend, and get to know her, you should come swinging out of the gate ready to knock down walls. in all honesty, mercedeses doesn't really want to be here. Her family is quite well off, but her mother talked about it all the time, it is almost like a nod to her.

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fc: derlyn perez

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all of the above are approved!

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descriptiondescription description
twenty-six || pan female || caste two, head announcer

cyrilla's personality is as bright and colorful as her hair color of the month. she loves to gossip, which is part of the reason of why she's the head announcer. she is loud and flamboyant in every action she takes, whether it's announcing the news or picking out her outfit for the day. cyrilla is unnaturally optimistic, always bouncing back after a northern rebel setback and encouraging her fellow rebels to always fight, even after devastating circumstances. cyrilla is so excited to meet the selected, as she has a bet going with her co-workers on who will win.

► optimistic
► loyal
► compassionate

► over-emotional
► gossipy
► rambunctious

growing up as the daughter of the advisor to the king, mortem carrow, and her emotionally distant socialite mother nyx, cyrilla always was the black sheep of the family. with her naturally wavy brown hair she already stood out from the rest of her family with their pale, gaunt features and pin-straight, jet-black hair. but she stood out in other ways other than appearances-- there were rumors her father was shadier than he appeared to be, making covert deals for the king of illea and that he rose to his current position with some well placed poison and oh-so-convenient untimely deaths, and cyrilla was simply a beam of sunshine. cyrilla had always been a social butterfly, indulging in gossip during her free time, as the luxuries of being a two provided ample free time to socialize. as she grew older, cyrilla began to intern with gavril fadaye, and with her incessant charm, quickly rose through the ranks became the head reporter at age twenty-four after his retirement. she quickly became popular with public, making the news chatty and interesting. however, for that exact reason, the royal family can't stand her. cyrila is also a northern rebel, and the evidence can be found on her left index finger-- a small star shaped tattoo.

bright hair dyed with the color of the month is cyrilla's trademark. she also wears a variety of styles, ranging from feminine to masculine to androgynous. she has a star tattoo on her left index finger to indicate her northern rebel loyalties.

descriptiondescription description

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♔brynn demaris hall♔
♔age 20♔
♔caste four♔
♔daughter of a jeweller♔

history: brynn’s parents are quite well known among their province, being the owners of the most well-known jewelry store around. brynn knows the jewelry market well. she loves to pair precious gemstones from her parent’s shop with her array of beautiful clothes that she designs and creates herself. brynn is good with her hands, particularly with things like hair, clothes, and makeup. she spent much of her childhood admiring the royals, particularly princess evangeline.

personality: brynn is quite the jealous person, always fighting with her sisters for her parents’ affection as a child, and spending her time watching people of higher castes and being envious of them. before being selected, she tried to only date men of higher castes, to try to work her way up. brynn never really found the right person, and hopes that prince adrien is the one for her. after all, it would put her in the highest caste, right? she’s used to working for what she gets, and thinks that winning the prince over would be filed under the same concept. brynn is a slight pushover though, and is completely the type to get distracted from the task at hand.

♔sweetheart on the outside♔
♔is capable of manipulation♔
♔loves the palace and the idea of being dolled up every day♔

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descriptionThe eighteen year old daughter of Lysander Ambrose and Iris Ambrose from caste six was
descriptionselected as Panama's suitor. She is a cisfemale, demi-heterosexual, and a college student.


Golshan is someone who will always manage to surprise you with the way she thinks outside of the box and the way she moves as if it's a new language that only she can understand. From a young age, she always stood out among her peers; she was just different. A social butterfly, so shy and awkward, she always wanted to take care of others and ensure they were alright. The girl never knew when to give up, and hell, she still doesn't. She's someone that will often leave you at a loss for words. Her dedication to her passions, to her work, it's amazing. Golshan isn't someone who has half-assed anything in her entire life. She has always gone the extra two miles in order to push herself to her limits. But are there really limits when it comes to this woman? It seems that every limit she has, she breaks. She pushes herself harder each and every day. Golshan tends to be her own person, never really doing the same thing anyone else does. She's always trying something new, challenging herself in some new way.

If she is dancing, Golshan is in a world of her own. She is incredibly happy whenever she dances, causing her to be smiling during more of her choreography. She loves the feel of the dances, the sound of the music, and it becomes her Nirvana, so much so that she could be gone away for hours working on routines. The ache of her muscles even makes her happy. Of course she isn't the best dancer in the world, but she's good enough that she's confident she can do something with it one day. She is very dedicated to her passion and does whatever she can in order to achieve it.

The second child of Lysander and Iris Ambrose, Golshan has never known much besides the principles of a large, loving family, and the fight for survival that one becomes accustomed with when living in the sixth caste. Despite being a middle child, as the first daughter, she was always pressured by her parents and six other siblings to marry someone of a higher caste. The first time her mother advised her of this, she was ten and had returned home from school with joyous news: a boy in her class had a crush on her, and he was from the third caste.

While Golshan understood the importance of an advantageous marriage, at that age, she didn't understand the true severity of the situation. Rather than maintaining a social life, she hid away from others and practiced dancing, her one passion and greatest talent. However, as she grew, she learned to fear the possibility that she would never truly find love and merely marry for money as her parents continued to pressure her to speak to the boys her age at social gatherings and events. Though the Selection changes her perspective and gives her the hope to fall both for love and money, she worries that she will merely fail her family and put stress on her younger sisters to assist the family.

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all of the above are approved!

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