If I Stay If I Stay question

Do you like the casting for the movie?
Helen Helen Jul 28, 2014 05:22PM
I honestly am in love with the casting. Especially for Mia, it couldn't be better. Yet for Adam, I guess it'll work. I still like it nonetheless. Gosh! I can't wait!

Just in case people haven't seen it, then the trailer is on YouTube! And the movie comes out August 22nd.

Of course I pictured different people to play Mia and Adam, but once I saw Chloe in the trailer, I thought maybe she will be great and bring the character to life. I don't know who exactly I pictured for Adam , but maybe the actor will do a great job as well. I guess we'll see...

I have no experience with these actors whatsoever within the past. In terms of looks and whatnot though, I did not expect either of them. I'm conflicted with Mia's casting, but Adam's is perfect I'd like to say.

Am I the only who noticed in the trailer that there was a scene that showed Adam playing a song for Mia while she was in the hospital? It's a minor thing, but Adam made it clear in the book that him writing a song for her would be only if the two were to break up & whatnot.

Gah, the little things get to me.

I think Chloe for Mia is really good actually. What I'm not sold on is Adam. I don't really know how I pictured him, but we'll see if he's good when it comes out.

I was actually surprised that they chose Chloe as Mia, but I am okay with that :) Idk about Adam..

I love Chloe Grace Moretz. I think she can do a wonderful job of showing the complex and clashing emotions that the character has due to the decision she has to make. I'm not too sure about Adam because, well I've never seen him in anything else. But they cast him for a reason right? I'm sure he'll make Adam just as adorable as he was in the book. (And if not who cares, it's not about him anyway)

I don't really like the guy who they've picked for Adam. To me he doesn't look like Adam should, but i guess he'll make it work.

I love Chloe Grace Moretz as Mia. I don't really know what I pictured Adam as, though, but once I saw the trailer it helped me get more of a perspective for the characters.

I like the choice of Chloe for Mia, she's a great actress, my problem is with Adam, honestly I don't like the actor. He's not like I imagined it, but the others were a good choice.

I just didn't imagine Chloe for Mia. I think they just put her in there because she's one of Hollywood's sweethearts. Just my opinion though.

Adam, however, holy crap. Perfect. I would have never picked him by his IMDb, but they did a great job with his casting.

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