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Murder on Mulberry Bend (Gaslight Mystery, #5)
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Jonetta (ejaygirl) | 7660 comments Mod
Were you shocked that Richard died or prepared for that to happen?

Charlene (charlenethestickler) | 1391 comments I wondered when they were at the church, and he thought it was a pin prick, whether the author was writing poor Dennis out of the story. I wasn't sure I liked to see him disappear; he seemed a likable chap.

Jonetta (ejaygirl) | 7660 comments Mod
I felt the same, Charlene. The way he stayed down was ominous.

Phrynne | 605 comments The author seems to like disposing of Sarah's rich suitors - so far one turns out to be a murderer and one is murdered.

Jonetta (ejaygirl) | 7660 comments Mod
Hmmm...good point.

Robin (robinmy) | 1214 comments As soon as Dennis mentioned that he had been stabbed by the hat pin but it wasn't a bad wound, I knew that was going to be the end of him. I was certainly surprised that the author chose to kill him off.

message 7: by Lauren (last edited May 22, 2018 12:34PM) (new) - rated it 4 stars

Lauren (laurenjberman) | 2239 comments I was kind of surprised that the author killed him off so suddenly without any warning.

While I knew he wasn't the man for Sarah, he was growing on me as a person willing to own up to his prejudices and mistakes. I'm kind of sorry he died just as he was becoming a better human being.

Jonetta (ejaygirl) | 7660 comments Mod
Me, too, Lauren.

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