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message 1: by German (new)

German Eduardovich | 3 comments Hello. I want to introduce - online library and publishing platform.

What Readitt offer?

For Readers:
- Make your own library;
- Get notifications on all your devices;
- Rate and leave comments on your favorite books;
- Watch what friends read, start your own blog or follow people you like to read;
- Communicate with your friends and authors via privat chat, comments or blog posts;

For Authors:
- Publish any format: novels, fictions, fanfictions, translations, stories or poetry;
- All rights remain with you;
- Earn money with subscriptions, pay per chapter or sponsored chapters/donations options. Authors get 80% on payout.
- Communicate with readers in your personal blog, books blog, chat or in comments

Readitt now in open beta test and we have a big list of improvements and new features that we want to implement, but before this we want to hone what we at the moment. Join today and you won't be disappointed.

message 2: by Dawn (new)

Dawn (catcrazyuk) | 1 comments This sounds interesting...

message 3: by carinne (new)

carinne (curinne) | 6 comments I'll try. I write teen fanfiction, but I'm interested in what age group Will use this site

message 4: by German (last edited May 08, 2018 07:02AM) (new)

German Eduardovich | 3 comments carinne wrote: "I'll try. I write teen fanfiction, but I'm interested in what age group Will use this site"

Well it all depends on what kind of authors would join us with their works. For example if it would be works about beautiful Princes with 6 pack saving dragons princesses that will attract one part of female reders; or maybe more books in "LitRPG" or "transmigration to another world" which are very popular right now with teens. Hopefully we can attract different kind of authors.

message 5: by Dan (new)

Dan Agbeje (danagbeje) | 1 comments Lol

message 6: by German (new)

German Eduardovich | 3 comments Dan wrote: "Lol"
Hello hello. Welcome to our post.

message 7: by carinne (new)

carinne (curinne) | 6 comments Sounds good to me!

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