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ߕℓυя {ed hardy jeans with broken dreams stitched in between the seams} | 115 comments Would you like character sheets, or would you like to skip them and find out about our characters in the roleplay?

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Kit (kitkong) | 1545 comments What do you prefer?

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Kit (kitkong) | 1545 comments Okie doke, do you min starting off?

ߕℓυя {ed hardy jeans with broken dreams stitched in between the seams} | 115 comments Of course not.

Josh was thrown back into his cage, he hit the metal flooring with a thud and fell back, closing his eyes for a couple of seconds and trying to black out his surroundings. Josh was wearing ripped black jeans and a dirty, plain white T shirt with no socks or shoes.
He hated it here. After a few moments of waiting, he heard the cage close and the vampire walk off. He sighed to himself and sat up, looking around at the rusty bars. He put his hand on one and shook it softly but it was no use, they wouldn't brake.

All he could hear around him were other people. Not talking or helping eachother. Some were crying, some screaming and some trying to get a little sleep. Josh however was now sitting quietly, his legs crossed and his eyes scanning around for anything at all he could use to his advantage. He had only been her for a few days but it felt like forever, this place was hell to him. As soon as he realised that, he had been planning his escape.

Some of the other Humans here had told him it was better here than to be sold, others told him the opposite. He didn't much care for the stories, he just wanted to escape.

All of a sudden though, everybody fell silent. Another vampire had entered and nobody wanted to get taken away, so everybody scuttled to the back of there cages and watched, hoping not to get picked.

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Kit (kitkong) | 1545 comments (It was perfect! Sorry I had to leave for a bit >,<)

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Kit (kitkong) | 1545 comments Thanks!

Fuck did it wreak in here. Cold blue eyes took in all the filthy humans in the cage, living in their own damn piss like the animals they were. This was a waste of time in her opinion but she needed a new blood packed human. The last one of her blood servants had been killed. She just got carried away and had a little too much fun with him. What a pity. Not for the servant of course but for the fact that she had to come down here again. This place was disgusting and all the humans here were irritating. Like the dirt under her shoes, it was only fitting that they were in a cage.

Cecelia slowly walked from cage to cage, looking at each human. None of their bloods was particularly enticing to her. Most of them smelled stale or they were old and she wanted someone young, someone who'll last long this time so she won't have to come back to this putrid shithole. Slowly she stopped at one of the cages, it was a little girl inside. She crouched down and watched her as she shook in fear. "Don't be scared,"She cooed. "Your blood isn't that nice little girl,"She purred. "You'll probably be stuck here your entire life,"With a smirk, Cecelia got back up and continued walking down the long aisle.

A slight breeze hit her and she just barley caught the smell of blood, very unique blood. Her eyes darkened and the humans backed all the way into their cages as she smirked. Her pace stayed the same but it now had a purpose. The more she walked, the stronger the smell became. Soon Cecelia stopped in front of one of the cages with a boy around her age inside. "Looks like you are the lucky, or unlucky winner,"She laughed. "I want this one!" She snapped at the one of the guards who went to get the seller.

ߕℓυя {ed hardy jeans with broken dreams stitched in between the seams} | 115 comments Josh had been watching her stroll from cage to cage, acting like she owned the place. "Horrible bitch". He whispered under his breath as she teased the little girl about never being able to leave.

When she stopped infront of his cage, he looked up at her and gulped. "Not me.... please..!" He said to her, backing up even further against the cage. The sellers came into his cage, they grabbed him and pulled him out despite his best struggles.

They threw him down onto the cold, dirty floor infront of her. He used his elbows to prop himself up and look up at her, quivering in fear and trying to hide from her in plain site.

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Kit (kitkong) | 1545 comments Cecelia couldn't help the laughter that escaped her as amusement danced in her eyes. Humans were such amusing creatures, thinking they were superior to everyone. Vampires were physically stronger and faster, just one of the guards could have pulled him out but it was always more fun this way.

"Careful!" She snapped. "I won't pay as well if he's damaged,"She growled before handing over the money to the seller and waving them away. "If you think I can't handle one human, you are insane. Now out of my sight,"She ordered, her raven black hair swishing behind her as she turned to look at him again. Being part of the noble families sure had it's perks.

"Now who are you kidding?" She asked, laughter in her voice. "You sure you want to play hide n seek with me, human?" Cecelia pounced with no warning and landed on top of him, trapping his arms and legs beneath her as she nuzzled his neck, taking in the wonderful scent and letting her fangs scrape his neck. "You know I bite already, no need to be scared. Now tell me your name,"She ordered him.

ߕℓυя {ed hardy jeans with broken dreams stitched in between the seams} | 115 comments Josh struggled wildly as she pounced on him for no reason whatsoever. He fought back for a few moments before giving up, looking up at her.
His heart started beating faster and he closed his eyes as he felt her fangs scrap the delicate skin on his neck. "Please don't..." He said, just before she asked her question.

Should he tell her? He guessed so. She was going to find out anyway, so he might as well tell her.
"My name is Josh..." He said quietly to her, fully intimidated by her and fear took over.

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Kit (kitkong) | 1545 comments "Your hurting my feelings Josh,"She purred to him softly. "You don't want to hurt my feelings do you?" A small` teasing pout covered her lips as she locked eyes with him for a few seconds. "Now how are you going to repay me for that? I have an idea." Cecelia licked her lips as his smell hit her again. He smelled utterly delicious.

"You humans are so fascinating. I must applaud whoever got out feeding right on. Prepare to scream Josh," Her fangs extended before breaking his skin and she drank greedily. Of course she had been just scaring the boy. Feeding wasn't anything like their petty movies and books. It was a slight pinch and then whoever was being bit would be filled with lust. It was usually something done in private but she couldn't help herself right now.

ߕℓυя {ed hardy jeans with broken dreams stitched in between the seams} | 115 comments Josh cried out in pain as he fangs broke his skin and entered his neck, but that same pain stopped moments later. He closed his eyes and leaned his head back softly, not expecting the bliss and lust that came with her bite.

He held in a quiet moan as she drank from him, his hands clasping onto her. Right now he felt good, but after this he would hate her. He already hated her. She bought him like he was property. Like he was her toy to play with. He was determined to not let her break him, to not let her change him into the perfect slave, he wouldn't be that.
He couldn't hold it any more, he let out a loud, long moan as she drank his blood.

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Kit (kitkong) | 1545 comments Cecelia relished the cool blood as she swallowed more and more. It was utterly delicious and she wanted- needed more. Who knew such a rare delicacy would be hidden in such a boy? A few minutes later she broke away, licking his neck softly before placing a kiss on the wound to close it up. His hands were still at her hips and she smirked. She looked up for a few moments, winking at the humans that were watching them, or rather her, in fear. They had pity for him but it was better in her opinion to be her slave than rot in her like worthless garbage.

Taking something from the her pocket, she placed it around his neck; a collar before attaching a leash to it. "Your moan was music to my ears,"She laughed in his ear, grinding their hips together for a couple of seconds before getting to her feet and pulling him up as well. "Let's go,"She pulled him along, not standing the smell in their any longer. Besides she wanted to show off her new pet and go buy something before going home.

ߕℓυя {ed hardy jeans with broken dreams stitched in between the seams} | 115 comments He moaned quietly once more as she kissed his neck. When she started to grind against him he took his hands from her hips, not even realising that he had ever put them there.

He pulled on the leash after she put it on and groaned. What was this..? He whimpered a little when she said about his moans and laughed, he felt like a toy. Especially when she grinded.

He didn't have time to stand up before she started to pull him along, so he guessed she just wanted him to crawl behind her like a animal, like a dog. He wondered where they were going, if she was going to show him to anybody and if she was, he started to think of ways to hide his shame.

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Kit (kitkong) | 1545 comments His moaning and obvious pleasure wasn't surprising to her. It's said that the higher up you are, the more pleasing it is for whomever you bite. All nobles have royal blood and that's what makes it pleasurable for the humans. Rumors have it that the servants of the royal family go crazy with lust from one bite. Besides her family was distantly related to them, she was cousins with next King of Vampires. Still vampires weren't exactly as restricting with relationships so incest and marriage between family members were common for them.

As she tugged him, she frowned as the leash dragged against the floor and she swiveled on her heel to look at him, only to find him on the floor. "What are you doing? Get up! No servant of mine is going to act like a dog. If I wanted a dog, I would have gotten one." Some masters did make their servants crawl but she liked hers to be sophisticated. Gods she wanted a servant not a pet. Crawling like an animal, he would only get filthy and then dirty her house.

Once he was up, she tugged him along but for the most part he walked on his own. She walked around the market, buying items here and there, noticing but doing nothing about the stares. She was used to them being a noble but she knew his blood attracted them. In one particular stall, she was looking at some jewelry and didn't take too much notice of a vampire getting to close to her servant with a hungry gleam in their eyes.

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Kit (kitkong) | 1545 comments ?

ߕℓυя {ed hardy jeans with broken dreams stitched in between the seams} | 115 comments Josh couldn't help but try to hide behind her as she pulled him along on a leash, the shame horrible. He hated it, made to seem like he couldn't even walk on his own. He turned around and saw a women looking at him, her eyes were locked on his neck and her fangs were out. "Hey, could you back off?" He asked her, moving to stand next to his mistress. He didn't mean too, but in his fear he stumbled back and knocked into the table, trying to not get hurt while he could tell his mistress wasn't paying attention. "Sorry!"

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Kit (kitkong) | 1545 comments Cecelia was busy looking at the merchandise on the table to notice anything. The end of the leash was wrapped around her hand and she didn't both with her pesky new servant. Not until from the corner of her eye she saw him move and then out of no where bump into the table. "Are you blind boy?" The vendor snarled at him, appearing in front of him in vampire speed, holding his neck tightly. "Who's his master? You'll replay me in blood!" He snarled viciously.

Before he could take a bite out of her new servant, Cecelia appeared in front of him, her lips set in a straight line. "I'm his mistress. Go ahead take a bite,"She smiled calmly at him. The vendor looked at her with uneasy eyes before releasing him and stepping away. "It's rude to refuse something so generously,"She replied smoothly. "You offered me a bite but I know it would have been my last one, my lady." She smiled at him,"I'll be taking this along as repayment." She grabbed a necklace from the ground. "For the bruise on his neck." Turning on her heel she pulled Josh along with her until she got into a car and waited for him to get in.

The car had a screen to block the driver from the occupants. "Don't you ever pull something like that again,"She hissed at him, taking his chin harshly in her hand and making him look at her. "You made yourself look like an untrained housepet and that reflects badly on me. If you want to act like a pet, I'll treat you like one."

ߕℓυя {ed hardy jeans with broken dreams stitched in between the seams} | 115 comments He whimpered quietly when the vendor picked him up by his neck, he grabbed the guys hand and tried to pry it off but it was no use. After a few moments he was released and a bruise immediately formed on his neck, although he was relived.

Josh got in the car and sat infront of her. He whimpered quietly when she grabbed his chin to look at her, "Y-yes mistress". He said to her, "Sorry I acted like an untrained pet. But, I am untrained". He said to her, a little bit of talking back from his probably wasn't what she expected, but he wasn't just about to let her walk all over him."Mabye you should train me". He said, adding to his misbehaviour.

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Kit (kitkong) | 1545 comments Cecelia chuckled as he answered back, so he still had a little fire left in him. "You want me to train you? You want me to starve you until your a good little pet? To whip you into submission? To strip you down and force you into a bath filled with ice? Don't test me little servant,"She purred in his ear. "OR should I feed from you until your almost dry and then pull away. Again and again and again? You can have your pick or you can see things my way and be a good servant,"She applied pressure on his chin for a second before straddling him in lightning speed. She smelled his neck, giggling softly. "You do smell so good," She glanced up at him. "It wouldn't take too long to drink you dry."

She smirked at him,"And no one is going to help you. Not humans and not other vampires because you are just another blood sack. You should be grateful it was me who bought you. Do you know what some vampires do with their food? They like to play with them, torture them. Some vampires like to strip them naked and chained them down until they die. Would you like that? Be stripped naked and chained into a room, never to see the sky again? And when they want to, they'll rape them until their tired. It takes a lot for us to get tired. You wouldn't want me to sell you to one of those would you?"

ߕℓυя {ed hardy jeans with broken dreams stitched in between the seams} | 115 comments His eyes filled with fear as she listed off the things that she would do to him. Even the thoughts of it would scare him into submission, make regret all life decisions he had made in his life that had led up to and made him get to this moment.

"No, please don't sell me too one of those people..." He said quietly. "Don't starve me... don't whip me or force me into a bath full of ice". He begged her quietly, "and please don't rape me..." He added on.

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Kit (kitkong) | 1545 comments "Good we're on the same oage,"Cecelia smiled. "See it wasn't so hard." she laughed when he told her not to rape him. "Don't latter yourself little human. As if I would ever want to rape you. You basically gave yourself to me after one bite. You were practically begging me to have sex with you."She smirked. He really was amusing and entertaining to her. It helped that he was tasty too. "Let's test our my theory." Instead of going for his neck, she took his hand and kissed the side of his wrist softly before her fangs slid in and she started to drink. She watched hid face for his reaction, knowing that lust would come and take over his senses. It happened to all humans and they eventually welcomed it instead of being embarrassed by it. It was the only kind of action they could get to "relieve" themselves anyways,

ߕℓυя {ed hardy jeans with broken dreams stitched in between the seams} | 115 comments "No I wasn't, I don't want to have sex with a vamp!" He said, just before she bit his wrist. It took a few moments of pain, but lust took over. He didn't know what he was doing. "Oh my god...." He moaned quietly, pleasure went throughout his body no matter how much he tried to fight it. He raised his wrist so that she could get too it easier, leaning on so his head was on her lap as she drunk from him, putting him through these mind games.

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Kit (kitkong) | 1545 comments Cecelia could only laugh as he had denied it a few seconds ago and now he was putty in her hands. She drank a little more from his wrist before pulling away. She let him lay on the car seats before moving down and pulling his pants down a little to reveal his bare hip. "Let's see how you like this,"She bit into his hip then, sucking and drinking from him. His blood really was delicious, it was rare. No way in the nine levels of hell was she going to let someone get a bite out of him. It seemed she had really gotten the jackpot when she went to go visit the blood slave market today. Her last servant, she drank dry but she was careful not to do the same with this one. Who knew when or if she would be able to find this blood type in someone else soon or if ever.

ߕℓυя {ed hardy jeans with broken dreams stitched in between the seams} | 115 comments Josh tried to run away as soon as she let go, but she pulled his pants down and bit into his hip. He moaned even louder this time as it was next to his area, and he got a little boner because of it. "That's good...." He said to her, moaning and putting his hand behind his head.

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Kit (kitkong) | 1545 comments (view spoiler)

ߕℓυя {ed hardy jeans with broken dreams stitched in between the seams} | 115 comments [we can, but I don't think they will have sex yet. Mabye she just pulls away and mocks him for it in a kind of, 'I told you so' way. I have something he is going to say too her haha ]

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Kit (kitkong) | 1545 comments (No I know they aren't gonna have sex right now lol
But okay)

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Kit (kitkong) | 1545 comments Cecelia was enjoying the taste of his blood, enough to not notice his boner at the moment, not until she pulled away. Licking her lips and his hip, her eyes spotted his hard on with a smirk. "What was that again? You didn't want to have sex with a vampire? Your dick speaks for itself,"She laughed at him before sitting back down on the seat. She continued smirking at him either way,"Besides why would I want to have sex with you? Your pretty small,"She shrugged before turning to look out the window with an eye roll.

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Mal (malxox) | 5568 comments Mod
(Hey guys, how about no? I'm aware that this is going to sound incredibly restrictive, but because I was never given a clear anwser as to where the mods boundary lines were please stray from 'boner' or anything along those lines. Thanks.)

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Kit (kitkong) | 1545 comments ?

ߕℓυя {ed hardy jeans with broken dreams stitched in between the seams} | 115 comments "Whatever." He said to her, sitting up and curling closer to himself by the window. He sighed as he looked at her and shook his head, muttering something that was so very quiet that he hoped she couldn't hear. "You wouldn't do any of that anyway". He said, meaning her training. He was scared off her and he did not want her to win, so he couldn't let her walk all over him. He had to have the last word sometimes, just to let her know that he wasn't giving in.

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Kit (kitkong) | 1545 comments She laughed as he seemed to be in a sulky mood, leaving him alone for a couple of seconds. It would have been longer if she hadn't heard what he had said. Her vampire hearing easily picked it up,"You know you humans are so naive, it's actually pretty cute. In a pathetic sort of way of course." She flipped her hair back before giving him a smirk,"Do you want to test out your little theory? I wouldn't mind putting it to the test. So what do you say?"

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