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CourtLovesBooks Join Rachel and I as we read Matched.

August 15th Chapters 1-5
August 16th Chapters 6-10
August 17th Chapters 11-16
August 18th Chapters 17-22
August 19th Chapters 23-27
August 20th Chapters 28-32

CourtLovesBooks Do we want to read a certain amount of pages or chapters?

Rachel Gunter We can do :) how many chapters suits you?

CourtLovesBooks Let me take a look and I'll get back to you.

Rachel Gunter No problem :)

CourtLovesBooks I'm thinking 5 or 6. There are 32 total.

Rachel Gunter That sounds good to me :)

CourtLovesBooks Okay cool. See you on the 15th.

CourtLovesBooks Rachel I posted a schedule let me know if you want me to change it at all.

Rachel Gunter No it looks fine to me :)

CourtLovesBooks Have you started yet?

Rachel Gunter Hey sorry for not getting back to you, my phone didn't give me a notification :( yeah I've started it, although I'm a little behind, I'm only up to chapter 11, hoping to catch up today!

CourtLovesBooks Its okay I'm behind too, I'm only at chapter 9 :( but hopefully I can make a dent today too! How are you liking it so far? I'm finding it interesting.

Rachel Gunter I'm enjoying it, I think it's a slow read compared to other books I've read recently, but it's still good :) this society they live in seems an odd place!

CourtLovesBooks It is kinda of slow, I'm still waiting for something big to happen. I do like it so far, even with the pace. It is a very odd place. I would not want to live there. There's no way I'm finishing this today, I'm so behind, I just got to ch 15.

CourtLovesBooks I may in fact finish this today. I'm up to chapter 27 and I'm basically binge reading this. I still don't know what to really think of this story, it's not what I usually read.

CourtLovesBooks So I finished this last night and I so do not know how I feel about this one.
Final thoughts (view spoiler) What did you think of Xander? Are you team Ky or Xander? I really enjoyed Ky as a character but I'm indifferent toward Xander.

Rachel Gunter I finished this morning and I agree with you about not knowing how to feel about it. It was quite slow and there wasn't any sort of huge thing to wow you, I spent most of the book waiting for something more to happen. (view spoiler)

I did like Cassia, although it took me a little while to warm up to her. I think i'm team Ky,he seemed to have a bit more to him in personality than Xander did. I did like how Xander helped Cassia though, to hide Ky's artefact.

(view spoiler)

CourtLovesBooks I've decided I'm probably not going to read the rest, I don't think there worth my time because I haven't heard very good things about books 2 & 3.

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