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message 1: by Ronit (new)

Ronit (ronitsbooks) | 62 comments Hi
Do you review children's books?

message 2: by Ronit (new)

Ronit (ronitsbooks) | 62 comments my books ate for ages 4-7, picture books.

message 3: by Ronit (new)

Ronit (ronitsbooks) | 62 comments the books are about the numbers that are traveling the world and doing math together.

message 4: by Jethro (new)

Jethro Punter | 2 comments Hi,

I have just published my first Mid Grade Novel on Amazon - currently on a 5 day free download (ending 4th June) if you wanted to have a look and see if it would be of interest to you and suitable for your blog - link to the novel below:

The Boy Who Dreamt the World (The Daydreamer Chronicles, #1).


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