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Here's it is (:

message 2: by Ana (new)

Ana Morris (Cure4lazyness) | 113 comments Thanks so much! So what type of romance and what setting do u want to do?

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I'm open to anything (:

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Ana Morris (Cure4lazyness) | 113 comments Ok... well I was thinking it would be a college romance? And we can start from there?

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Ana Morris (Cure4lazyness) | 113 comments Name:

Something like that... and do u know how to post pictures to where it can actually show the reader what the person looks like without clicking on the link?

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Sure, and no I'm not sure how to do that, sorry :/

message 7: by Ana (new)

Ana Morris (Cure4lazyness) | 113 comments Its ok I'll figure it out... Hopefully

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Sorry... do you have a gender preference?

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Ana Morris (Cure4lazyness) | 113 comments Name: Hailey Grows
College: Tcu?
Appearance: hair photo: hair 12.jpg
Likes/dislikes:Playing chello
Hobbies:Playing Chello, Singing, Dancing

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Name: Jase Miller
Age: 23
College: TCU
Gender: Male

Appearance: http://www.google.com/imgres?imgurl=h...
Personality: Outgoing, fun
Likes: Baseball
Dislikes: Boredom
Hobbies: Baseball, reading and hanging with friends

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Ana Morris (Cure4lazyness) | 113 comments I'll start!

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Okay (:

message 13: by Ana (new)

Ana Morris (Cure4lazyness) | 113 comments "Hailey wake up! Its time to go to the TCU baseball game and see that hot guy again!" squealed my best friend and roomate Lily. "Ughh its already time to go?" Hailey sat up groggily pulling her hair back into a ponytail. "No silly we have to go shopping buy makeup, do are hair... you know... to make us look sexy!" Replied Lily smurking to my statement like I was a retard. "Fine let me get dressed first" Hailey quickly got up and sped to the bathroom to take a shower etc..

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Ana Morris (Cure4lazyness) | 113 comments Name:Lily
Age: 21
Appearance: Instrument with girl photo: Girl with red hair tumblr_m3ywx2W2GW1r6iiy1o1_500_large.jpg
Personality:Kind, outgoing, Smart
Like/Dislikes:Playing the flute
Hobbies:Is in the TCU school orchestra

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Jase sauntered into the locker room and was immediately greeted by his teammates. He was the star pitcher for the team, no one could hit his fast balls. He got dressed in his uniform and met with coach for a pregame meeting. "You give it your all, you got it Miller?" Coach said, hitting him in the shoulder, a proud smile on his face. "I always do." Jase replied, shaking out his arms in preparation. "Go get 'em, son." Coach clapped him on the shoulder and left. Jase nodded and strutted onto the field, his confidence tangible as he took his spot on the pitchers mound.

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Ana Morris (Cure4lazyness) | 113 comments Hailey and Lily quickly found there seats, the best seats in the whole stadium (Lily's father was a very rich man). "O my god there he is! Jase Miller! Star pitcher and cutest guy on earth!" Lily squealed in delight, ratteling Hailey's teeth while shaking her. "Ok Lily calm down" "I can't believe we get to meet him after this!" Lily said excitedly. "What!!!!" Hailey pratically shouted, "Oh! I did'nt tell you I wanted to surprise you by getting to meet him!"

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Jase threw his practice pitches before the game started. Whenever he was on the field the crowd fell away, he knew he couldn't get distracted and over the years he had learned to completely block out the screaming girls and the whooping men. He angled his back slightly and his knee raised. When he launched his arm forward, his hand caressed the ball until the last second, when it flew from his fingers and directly into the gloved hand of his catcher. A buzzer sounded signaling the start of the game.

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Ana Morris (Cure4lazyness) | 113 comments Lily was screaming her head off and Hailey was starting to hate this Jase guy while Lily was giving her a headache

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Ana Morris (Cure4lazyness) | 113 comments Hey I have to go for a while see ya and thanks for roleplaying with me!

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The game finished and they had won by two. Jase was surrounded by screams as he walked off the field. All his teammates clapped him on the back, and he walked the small distance to the meet and greet room, where he waited for the fans. He put on his most charming smile as the door opened, letting in the first fans.

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Bye and no problem (:

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Ana Morris (Cure4lazyness) | 113 comments "Omg here he comes!" Squealed Lily, Hailey just shook her head "Why do you treat him like a god? he's just a baseball player" Hailey questioned Lily's intentions.

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Jase kept his charming smile on for all of his fans and greeted them hapily. However, all he really wanted was to get home and sleep.

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Ana Morris (Cure4lazyness) | 113 comments Sorry havn't been on in a while
Hailey and Lily walked towards Jase "He looks tired" hailey commented on his appearance

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Its okay (:

Jase greeted his last fans. "Hi ladies. How are you?" He asked with a large, charming smile.

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Ana Morris (Cure4lazyness) | 113 comments Hailey smiled but didn't say anything knowing that Lily would do all the talking for her..."Omg! Hi I'm Lily and this is my bestfriend and roomate Hailey! We adore you!" Hailey smirked "Correction you adore him I just think he's an ok baseball player" Lily stared at Hailey in shock. Hailey just blushed surprised that she just had said that to his face.

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Jase laughed and thanked Lily. His eyebrows raised at Hailey's comment. "Only okay?" He asked, smiling. "Now, if you don't mind, darling. May I ask why you think that?" He looked to Lily and slung his arm over her shoulder. "Do you feel the same way?" He asked, his face close to hers. He loved playing with the women that came in here. They all loved him.

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Ana Morris (Cure4lazyness) | 113 comments ((Lol I like Jase!))

Lily looked like she was about to faint, Hailey laughed "Your pitches are a little wobbely and you feet aren't planted to the ground like they should be! their flying every direction!," "Oh and another thing! your not as crossed her arms waiting, seeing what his reaction would be.

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((Haha :) ))

His eyebrows raised as he looked at Hailey. Jase quickly planted a kiss on Lily's cheek. "Would you mind giving us a second, sweetie? I need to have a little chat with your friend." He gently pushed her towards the door. His attention was now focused solely on Hailey. "I believe you said there was another thing? Mind telling me what else is wrong so I can fix it? I love a challenge." He smirked at the last part, implying that he was talking about more than just baseball.

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Ana Morris (Cure4lazyness) | 113 comments (Sorry just realized that I didn't complete my sentence))

"You basically suck! even I could do that better then you!" Hailey replied un-moved by his flirtacious hint.

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((No worries))

"Really?" He challenged. "I'll believe it when I see it." Jase smirked and took a step closer. "You're way in over your head."

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Ana Morris (Cure4lazyness) | 113 comments "Oh really? we'll see about that! Meet me in the baseball field 12:00 pm tomorrow!" With that said, she turned and walked out of the room with Lily staring in horror

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Jase laughed. "You got it, sweetheart!" He called out after her, shaking his head. Going into the locker room he changed and headed home for the night.

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Ana Morris (Cure4lazyness) | 113 comments Hailey walked into her dorm room when a pillow hit her square in the face. "You!" Lily screamed at Hailey. "What!? I gave him my honest opinion?" Replied Hailey starting to get a little annoyed when Lily acted so childished

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Ana Morris (Cure4lazyness) | 113 comments "Well now he thinks your so fiesty and hot!" Lily yelled her face turning purple.

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*The next day*

Jase walked onto the field at twelve the next day, a large smirk across his lips. He was in jeans and a tee shirt, not his usual clothing on the field. He glanced around for Hailey.

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Ana Morris (Cure4lazyness) | 113 comments Hailey stood at the pitcher's mound with a worn out glove and her arms crossed staring at Jase now realizing how hot Jase actually was and kind of regretting bitching at him

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"Welcome!" Jase said and spread his arms out. "Don't you look gorgeous today." He smirked and pulled his catching glove out of his back pocket and waved it at her.

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Ana Morris (Cure4lazyness) | 113 comments "I know isn't it lovely!" she gave him a genuine smile

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He laughed. "I see you're being nice today. Lucky me." Jase smiled at her, excited for their day.

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Ana Morris (Cure4lazyness) | 113 comments "I feel like I owe you one, since I was a bitch yesterday and Lily's pissed at me for it and she says I now have to hook up with you to make up for it" Replied Hailey to Jase

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Jase bursts out laughing. "Oh that's great!"

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Ana Morris (Cure4lazyness) | 113 comments "Yeah Lily's quite a character!" she laughed along with Jase then got serious "You ready to get your ass beat with my amazing pitching skills?" she punched his arm jokingly

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Jase caught her wrist and pulled her to him, their chests almost touching. "Amaze me, babe." He winked. He always used pet names for the women he met, making them swoon.

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Ana Morris (Cure4lazyness) | 113 comments "Ok first thing thats NOT! ok to do with me! And second someone needs to catch the baseball!" She frowned at the reaction Jase was having on her but she pushed it away deep deep down

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Jase smirked and jogged off to home plate. "I'm ready when you are, sweetheart."

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Ana Morris (Cure4lazyness) | 113 comments "Ok here's a fast ball you better catch it cause I'm not running after it!" Hailey quickly pulled back her right arm and threw it, a twisted fastball making the batter impossible to hit it, if he were even there!

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Jase skillfully shot his arm out and caught the ball with ease. "Try again. Maybe this time make it hard." He smirked and tossed the ball back to her.

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Ana Morris (Cure4lazyness) | 113 comments "Haha very funny maybe your better then I though" she furrowed her eyebrows in disgust she hated it when she blurted things she didn't mean out loud she had to admit he was pretty good

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Jase smiled his famous smile and resumed his catcher's stance. "Whenever you're ready."

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