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A Country Doctor
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Kōji Yamamura's Adaptation of Kafka

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Momina Masood (mominamasood) | 6 comments Kōji Yamamura's adaptation of Franz Kafka's surrealist masterpiece A Country Doctor. Has anyone seen this? Does it do justice to the Kafkaesque nightmare or not? What do you think?

Dipanjan Maitra | 2 comments I think, it is a wonderful adaptation of Kafka's text. The visual imagery is not only stunning but I think in its floating, labile form makes it a worthy 'vehicle' of Kafka's thought. The sense of an unpredictable flux, the turbulently shifting landscape adds new dimensions to the Kafkaesque, which to my mind, by its definition resists closure, completeness.
However, as you yourself point out, it's too much of a grim nightmare, I think. I miss Kafka's almost farcical, cynical, disruptive laughter that is part of much of his oeuvre. I'm not using the label 'absurdist' here, but simply trying to remind myself of an old story, that Kafka, even as he read out his 'The Metamorphosis' to his literary friends, he was often having a good laugh. Why so serious, eh?

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