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message 1: by ROBERT (new)

ROBERT | 139 comments For me it was Al Kooper's Backstage Passes and Backstabbing Bastards (2008).

It was great because it started out with him as a songwriter (This Diamond Ring) that was one of the first hits I heard on the radio. Then he covers his recording career ( e.g. Blues Project and Blood Sweat and Tears) including his involvement in the creation of the "Dylan Sound" and much more. Next he becomes an A & R guy looking to sign acts like Lynnard Skinner.

In the process he tells tales about Dylan, Stills, Bloomfield, SRV, Hendrix and many more musicians that he encountered during his career.

This book was a lot of fun. Anybody else have some music memoirs or books that they really enjoyed?

message 2: by Derek (new)

Derek | 1141 comments "Get in the Van" by Henry Rollins. The story of his time with Black Flag.

message 3: by ROBERT (new)

ROBERT | 139 comments Derek wrote: ""Get in the Van" by Henry Rollins. The story of his time with Black Flag."

I havwn't read that but I bet it would be very good.

message 4: by Stuart (new)

Stuart Estell (5357311) | 1 comments “The Big Midweek: Life Inside The Fall” by Steve Hanley is well worth reading, even if you’re not a fan of The Fall. I also live Miles Davis and Charles Mingus’s autobiographies.

message 6: by ROBERT (new)

ROBERT | 139 comments McKagan's It's is So easy was really good. I enjoyed Springsteen's Born to Run Autobiography as well. He can write lyrics and prose.

message 7: by Spencer (new)

Spencer Rich | 10 comments Seymour Stein's book was fantastic. Also, Donald Fagen's. Those are just some I have read recently. Couldn't say what was best.

message 8: by Sassy Sedusa (new)

Sassy Sedusa | 85 comments Corey Taylor- Seven Deadly Sins
Nikki Sixx-The Heroin Diaries
Marilyn Manson-The Long Road Out Of Hell

message 9: by Dr. Detroit (new)

Dr. Detroit | 344 comments

message 10: by L. (new)

L. McCoy (l_mccoy) | 17 comments I haven’t got to read many yet but What Does This Button Do?: An Autobiography by Bruce Dickinson earned a 5 star rating from me.

message 11: by Joseph (new)

Joseph Norton | 2 comments Not a memoir as such, but ‘Astral Weeks’ by Ryan Walsh is exceptional.

message 12: by Alan (new)

Alan | 2 comments Have to go with Bernstein's Joy of Music, partly autobiography...his ear so good, he listened to jazz and notated whole solos. I've notated Birdtalk, a few measures--once in Dorset, UK, I notated 72 measures of Euro Blackbird talk. Took me an hour in Weymouth, near the Jordan Hill Roman ruins.
There's an archive on Bernstein and Copland's letters and intimate relationship that someone bought...and buried.

message 13: by Sara (new)

Sara Jesus (scjesus) | 3 comments When I saw from the first time in MTV Awards Hunter Hays and he sings the song "Invisible". A song very powerful for me. Because talks about bullying. After that day I listen every song of Hunter. He is an inspiration from me. His songs help me alot in my dark times

message 14: by ROBERT (new)

ROBERT | 139 comments Here is one that is quick and fascinating. Daniel Lanois's Soul Mining: A Musical Life.

Basement Canadian protege. Discovered by Brian Eno. Ends up recording U2, Dylan, Willie Nelson and more.

He is just a gifted DIY guy who has lived a good story.

message 15: by W (new)

W It's been a while since I read it,but former Spice Girl,Geri Haliwell's book "If Only" is one I really enjoyed.

message 16: by Spencer (new)

Spencer Rich | 10 comments Carol King's memoir is very good.

message 17: by Spencer (new)

Spencer Rich | 10 comments Oh, and David Lee Roth's is hilarious. He has so little self-awareness.

message 18: by W (new)

W Bright Lights Dark Shadows The Real Story of Abba
Abba's story,in great detail.

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