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message 1: by Jonathan (last edited May 03, 2018 01:01PM) (new)

Jonathan Hoyle (jonhoyle) | 731 comments Where is the current thread that allows us to discuss GoodReads' recent controversial decision to NAB Great Courses lectures? I want to observe protocol, and not take other threads offline, but each of the links that I have been told to go in the past have been locked out. I get that this is not a very popular decision for GR, and they are probably not wanting to talk about it, but I can't believe that they would stifle all discussion on the matter in such a draconian manner. So, if there is a thread where I may post my feedback and continue the discussion, please let me know the link.

Thanks in advance.

PS: Since this thread has been locked out too, I guess my only recourse is to edit a PostScript to my original post. :-/

I am not sure what "a decision will be made in due course" means. I thought the decision was already made? In any case, given the shutting down of discussion on this, I am doubtful as to this meaning that the decision may be reversed. :-/

I had been resisting looking at LibraryThing, as so much of what I have read is already here at GoodReads, but things are not looking good. :-(

message 2: by Hugo (new)

Hugo (hugo_nebula) | 731 comments Hi, Jonathan.

There is no current thread, as most sides of the discussion had been heard. As of this post - - the topic is now under discussion within Goodreads and a decision will be made in due course.

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