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message 1: by Fozabog (new)

Fozabog The Elder (rachalmers) | 19 comments Hi, my book, ISBN: 9780244331931 has been attributed to another author of the same name.
I am the author of this book "The Dragons of Sara Sara - Awakening" and this Hardcover version on Lulu 9780244331931 is my work.

Can I differentiate my books here on Goodreads by changing to "Robert A. Chalmers" if that too is not already taken? Or at least modify this book, 9780244331931 to the current "Robert^^Chalmers"
I notice also that my existing books in some cases are showing the wrong (old) covers.
Thanks if anyone can tell me how to modify these problems.

message 2: by Shaun (new)

Shaun (sponting) | 101 comments Hi Robert — our Librarians can help you out. Please post your request in the Librarians Group to get the assistance you need.

All the best!

message 3: by Fozabog (new)

Fozabog The Elder (rachalmers) | 19 comments Thanks, I did as you suggested. It's a bit of a pain, but there you go.

message 4: by Shaun (new)

Shaun (sponting) | 101 comments Glad to hear it's all sorted out now!

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