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Here we are!

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Pebbles | 1288 comments Awsome, so wana do to m/m idea or the m/f?

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Pebbles | 1288 comments Oh also wana do cherries or just jump in?

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It can be MxF if you don't care. And we can just jump in if you like? But quick question. Is this like a werewolf that resembles a human and like has wolf like features like a tail and ears and fur?

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Pebbles | 1288 comments Sure no problem, and no it is a clasic wolf that turns into a human and visa versa, but i can do anthro if you want, and do you mind if i play the male?

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Hmm. Well honestly I'm not too good at playing a female. Sorry. I understand if you want to find someone else

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Pebbles | 1288 comments I can try and play a female

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If you really want to? I don't want to force anything on you.

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Pebbles | 1288 comments Yah i do, its no problem at all

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Okay then. :) So would you like to start? And where exactly are we starting. Maybe after he had bought her?

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Pebbles | 1288 comments Sure, but do you want to make cherries or just jump in

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We can just jump in if you like

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Pebbles | 1288 comments (Cool)
Rachel was laying down in her pet carryer in her wolf form, she had just been sold to some man, her fur was snow white with green eyes, she had her hand on her paws laying down, waiting for her new owner to pay the cashier and take her home

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Jason had just got done paying the cashier and soon had the pet carrier moved to his car where he began driving home. After a little bit, he was pulling into his long driveway

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Pebbles | 1288 comments Rachel wimpered softly she was a bit scared, she was told of horor stories of wolfs being bought only to be kept in basements as sex slaves, she was worried that it will be her feuture, hopefully it was a nice man who bought her

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He got out of his house and was soon carrying her inside. He then sat her down in the living room. "I know you can understand me. I'm going to establish some rules" he told her as he looked at her

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Pebbles | 1288 comments She layed down in submission and wimpered aoftly understanding, his tone scared her but she knew she had no choice, she could not leave, this was her new home now

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"I will treat you right as long as you do the same to me" he told her softly. "You will have your own little room" he told her softly

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Pebbles | 1288 comments Rachel wimpered softly in understanding, warming up to him a bit, if she had her own room he could not be that bad she thought to herself

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He opened the cage she had before picking her up and showing her to her room. He opened the door and sat her down in the floor. "This is where you will stay. Now get yourself cleaned up and dress in something cute" he told her softly

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Pebbles | 1288 comments Rachel noded and stood up on all fours and turned back into a human, she had brown hair to her shoulder blades, hazle eyes, fair skin, and hazle eyes, she looked arround, she was dressed in a simple white dress, " um sir where can i wash up" she asked in her soft voice

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"That door there. You have your own bathroom. After you're done, come meet me downstairs for dinner" he told her softly

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Pebbles | 1288 comments Rachel blushed softly and noded "yes master" she said softly before taking a step back and turning arround and went into the bathroom, closing the door behind her and quckly striping her clothes off before steping in and washing herself

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He already had some food cooking up and getting things ready for dinner. He thought some spaghetti sounded good. Soon the smell slowly started to fill the house

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Pebbles | 1288 comments Rachel turned off the water and dryed herself off and steped out and back into her room, she quickly got dressed in a cute pink blouse with an adorable frilly pink skirt, or at least she thought it was cute, she coukd smell the food frok her room and gently walked out and downstairs to the sourse of the sent "whats next master" she asked softly, a little timid

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"Well I'm sure you're hungry" he told her softly as he made her a plate with some garlic bread as well. "Please sit" he said softly as he sat a plate down for her. Soon he was grabbing his plate and sat down as well

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Pebbles | 1288 comments Rachel blushed deeply but smiled softly, before this she was never able to sit at the table or eat real food like a person, she hapily went up and sat down across from her master "thank yoh master" she said looking at the bowl of food before gently using he forck to get a bit of spegeti and taking a bite, closing her eyes and smiling happily as she tasted the wonderful food

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It was a little later now and Jason was just getting out of the shower. He had a towel wrapped around his waist as he walked to his bedroom. After slipping into some loose clothes, he decided to call her in. After calling her name, he waited in his room for hey to enter

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Pebbles | 1288 comments Rachel perked uo and quickly moved to her masters room and walked in and stood by the door "yes master" she asked sweetly wondering what he wanted or needed

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He motioned her to step closer to him. It was probably clear to both of them what he wanted with her now. She was really beautiful too and he was waiting for this all night

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Pebbles | 1288 comments Rachel was breathing heavily and stepped closer scared of what will hapen next, she did not want to be used as someones toy to mess with and throw away later, she was looking down and away from him when she steped close to him, about a foot away from eachother, she was shakeing with fear

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"There's no need to be scared. I wouldn't hurt you" he told her as he gently reached out and made her look at him. His hands were gentle as they slowly began to move down her sides and onto her hips

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Pebbles | 1288 comments Rachels breathing quickened as she felt her hand,still shaking like a leafe as she felt his hand, he looked down at his hands and back up at Jason, she was told of the horor stories but wondered if this man was diffrent, she bluahsed deeply and calmed down a bit

(move to pm?)

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((Yeah, that's probably best haha. I'll message you))

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