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SOLVED: Adult Fiction > SOLVED. Contemporary romance. A make up artist for a reality show and a hero who is part of the royalty. [s]

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Sole | 9 comments Hi. Last year (2017) i read a book but now I can't remember its name. The main female character was a make up artist who suffered violence in the past by her ex, and in the present she is an assistant and make up artist from a reality tv show. The hero is part of the royalty from England, if I remember correctly, and is the lead of the reality. Both characters met months back in an event, and now they are in the same reality show where he have to have "dates" with other girls (similar to 'Royally Matched'). Also, in the blurb is said that the heroine is now pregnant with the hero's baby. The book is part of a series but, at the same time, is a standalone book. If anyone know what book might it be, let me know, please.

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Sole | 9 comments Ayshe wrote: "Bachelor's Secret by Emily Bishop?"

That's the book. Thank you so much!!

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