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Does heavy stuff stop you from continuing reading?

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Geoffrey Aronson It did with her. Her ideas are too alien to me. Her characters were one dimensional. Her writing style is nowhere near the quality of the greats.

Timothy Moyer No, it did not.

Harry Christian What heavy stuff?

Geoffrey Aronson Heavy stuff? A philosophy of selfishness?

Mike Dominic I've done this book three times now, and Fountainhead twice, not counting audiobook, so I would say no.
It largely depends on the author. Rand, Dickens, Asimov (amongst others) could write for thousands of pages and I would gladly devour them and wish for more.
Other authors (Thomas Pynchon and James Joyce come to mind as recent examples) are like slogging through quicksand; I have to fight for every page.
I think having an openness to ideas the author is presenting makes a big difference to the reader's ability to handle longer works.

Billy Hart Heavy Stuff? As I think back to John Gault's radio speech that went for 40+ pages was a bit heavy and UN-necssary. Perhaps this was Ayn's outlet to her philosophy. Other than that, I thought the book was great insight as to what is occurring today. Dagny Taggart a true leader also ahead of her time.

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