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message 1: by Kim (new)

Kim | 14 comments If you haven't read yet, stop here so not spoiled.

I usually have a good feeling when I finish a Longmire book and anxiously await the next one. However, the final pages of this one almost made me cry. I kind of suspected Vic might be pregnant earlier in the story but totally didn't see how this one was going to end. I was so heartbroken for Vic I almost sent Craig a "dude, what the hell?" email.

message 2: by Brenda, Co-Moderator (new)

Brenda (butterflyprincess) | 212 comments Mod
Kim wrote: "If you haven't read yet, stop here so not spoiled.

I usually have a good feeling when I finish a Longmire book and anxiously await the next one. However, the final pages of this one almost made m..."

Kim I really did not suspect that Vic was pregnant until close to the end. But, like you I felt exceptionally sorrowful for Vic and Walt. Walt would have welcomed another child into his life if Vic had allowed it.

message 3: by Sierra (new)

Sierra Spoilers!!!!!!

I'm with you. I was not only sad but MAD. The book for me was not my favorite as the Sheriff's department took a beating, the story was a bit farfetched where Henry and Walt handled the cult and then that ending.

I actually did write Craig "dude, what the hell" review. I was a bit surprised by his somewhat terse response. I said it's his creation so you write what you want but I said I would like Walt to find some personal happiness and not be continually dumped on in his personal life. Walt gets wounded a lot in the books, he feels for the victims, his department's personnel take a betting and he feels responsible for them now this ending. Really? Didn't he think that was over the top? It wasn't enough that he wiped out practically the whole Sheriff's department. Craig replyed saying he has no interest in writing about a "Happy Village" that's not real life and he would find that boring to write about. Said he wants to write about how people deal with adversity and that there would be more adversity for Walt to come.

I was almost afraid to get Any Other Name for fear what Craig had in store for Walt and for Vic. I was disappointed in his response. I liked Any Other Name but was almost afraid he was going to not have Walt's Granddaughter make it into the world as Walt's next adversity to overcome so he could show us how Walt deals with yet another tragedy. He did hand Vic a long term consequence from her injury in addition to her losing the baby which I could have done without.

I find it interesting that Craig seems to have a very charmed life, happily married, career success, his dream ranch in WY where he says he will live till he dies, money, acclaim, world travel but doesn't seem to cut Walt any slack in regards to personal happiness. If he lays too much more personal tragedy on Walt I may be done with the books since I use books and TV as an escape unlike Craig most of us have enough hard times and adversity in our day to day lives to deal with that we want an escape in our entertainment not to read about more of the same for a nice, decent, moral, selfless, Wyoming Sheriff that does his job so well, What's next something happening to Henry?

message 4: by Peggy (new)

Peggy Belew | 1 comments The line "and they lived happily ever after" means the story has ended. I don't want the stories to end.

message 5: by Brenda, Co-Moderator (new)

Brenda (butterflyprincess) | 212 comments Mod
Don't worry there are more books to come!! There is one coming out in October named "Wait for Signs" that has 12 short stories. Next May he will release "Dry Bones". Craig has not commented on what it is about, that I know of. But I guarantee it will be great!

message 6: by Danielle (new)

Danielle Hamilton | 35 comments all right this might be a bit late...i have read all the books several the serpents tooth...i guess i did not feel that vic had NOT had anything to do with ending the pregnancy...i felt she was in early stages and did not actually know she was pregnant though walt might have had some bare inklings since he kept asking henry if vic was a little more emotional than normal...and i thought the pregnancy was terminated due to the work of Bidarte....he is an expert with that stiletto..and used it skillfully on vic...though not enough to kill her...which was his tragedy was that she and walt would not have a child..i thought that may have been a cop out on the authors part to not deal with a child living alongside its niece with cady and michael moretti ..vics youngest brother being walts son in law...what a tangle...cant see the connection between walt and vic dissipating....will have to re read any other name..again...

message 7: by Danielle (new)

Danielle Hamilton | 35 comments cant find the original thread of walt and vic...but i noticed a few subtleties..about the walt vic relationship in the series...just little things that made me smile...she drinks his beer as she is talking to him..and he just says..that is my beer....patience with her...she tells him in the hospital after being shot by the dart...that Walt is a REAL man..vis a vis..Sean...and Walt does not even offer a possible explanation...his eyes just me ..he realises that there is more with Vic...and i think part of him...likes that......she takes him arm and pretends to be a couple when they are investigating the russian girl being abducted murdered...and walt just goes along....when walt and vic are in the motel room..after she is smiling at Walt as she opens the door for him and he replies..chivalry is not need to prove his manhood...or .....and when he is looking at the door..and chuckling and returning to normal...when SHE knocks..again his eyes widen..and as he goes to open the door...he combs his hair back with his he is making himself presentable.,..
there are so many Understated moments...where he could say something and doesnt...where it is just in a look, where he interacts with her on a totally different level than anyone else....where he walks that fine line...and again the tell all to me....was in the red pony while SHE is cleaning him up..and he just waits for the drink in his hand til she is finished...his only movement is to cady when the talk goes to the feathers....he still does not push her hand away..just puts down his drink and she can keep those other so called hot romances...this one carries such wait with just looks and lines and the briefest of touches...interesting and so personally exciting a mature relationship ...thanks for listening...

message 8: by Janet (new)

Janet Washer | 23 comments Yeah, not a good outcome for Vic. The whole proposal thing to me was like, "let's talk about this after we get this dealt with," but then, Walt is letting her lead in the relationship. Yeah, this book's outcome would be expedient for her as a sheriff, but she's already sacrificed so much to stay with him. He has a line in the next book (no spoiler) where I just want to slap him. If a guy said it me, I would, and I'm no Vic.

message 9: by Janet (new)

Janet Washer | 23 comments How about TV-Vic when she is reading her divorce papers, and TV-Walt haltingly tries to tell her how he feels, stumbles around trying to express himself, and when she focuses on what he has said, realizes the enormity of his statement, and immediately asks for a pen. I think she hoped he would say something the week before when she dropped the bombshell about Sean's ultimatum. (Remember when TV-Henry has trouble getting Walt to say what he wants -- whether he wants to win the election? Henry says Walt "never says what he wants.")

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