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Manuel Alfonseca | 1637 comments Mod
The following is a mix of the Goodreads summary of the book (which is a little short) and the presentation of an interview with the author taken from here:

From the best-selling author of the classic Catholic conversion story, No Turning Back: A Witness to Mercy by Fr. Donald H. Calloway, comes a powerful and comprehensive history of a spiritual weapon: the rosary. And there is no better prayer to pray in these times of anxiety and fear than the rosary. History has proven over and over that the rosary is a powerful prayer that can literally change history.

Fr. Calloway has an incredible conversion story that involves mafia connections, getting kicked out of a country, surfing, and a profound encounter with the Blessed Mother. He is now a priest who spreads the message of Fatima and devotion to the rosary.

While Fr. Calloway has written several books, Champions of the Rosary may be his masterwork. It took him several years of research to write and includes many little-known saints, little-known facts about the rosary, and plenty of amazing stories. It is thick—some 400 pages. If you think the rosary is boring and cliche, this book will change your mind and heart. If you love the rosary already, you will love it even more after reading this book.

As the book is divided into three distinct parts, three of the attached questions will be their respective titles. Feel free to add new questions if you think they will be useful.

message 2: by C.D. (new)

C.D. (skymama) | 58 comments I've been reading this book at work, during my lunch hour, which equates to about 10-15 minutes three or four days a week. The first half spends too effort trying to convince the reader that St. Dominic deserves the credit for first spreading the devotion. I'm guessing that this approach leaves a question mark in the mind of the average lay person because most of them are unaware of the deep rivalry between certain religious orders. I've always found it distasteful. And, it's disappointing the author devotes so much time to trying to prove something that doesn't need proven to ordinary Catholics. Yes, Dominic is most likely the original Champion, I agree, let's move on.

I've just started the second half of the book--the better half, from what I can tell. There are so many awesome stories about how the rosary worked wonders in the lives of the saints, if the author tried to cover them all, no shelf in the world couldn't hold such a book. It must have been a difficult decision on who to include.

message 3: by John (new) - added it

John Seymour | 1968 comments Mod
My suspicion, given the duplication that others have noted, is that the author’s original plan was for a two part book: the champions and how to pray. But that his editor asked for the introductory section.

Bice (bicebeechay) | 111 comments Yes I agree about the St. Domenic apologetics..( Well said CD)
I did like the history part and his 10 years of research sure shows.
I missed where he tells us the when, why, and who added second part of Hail Mary. Can anyone enlighten me please?

I agree with John about Editor. Perhaps Father will come out with a Champions Ii.
I did notice he has a Rosary Gems book. I really liked this section. Always gratified to discover new Friends in Heaven. Really fascinated by the Popes mentioned. Can anyone recommend a good book on Pope biographies?

Manuel Alfonseca | 1637 comments Mod
Bice wrote: "I missed where he tells us the when, why, and who added second part of Hail Mary. Can anyone enlighten me please?"

The second part of the Hail Mary was introduced at the time of the Black Death, around 1350. Part I, The 14th Century.

Bice (bicebeechay) | 111 comments Thank you will go back and read.

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