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Is this book like the A Song Of Ice And Fire series in terms of its addictive political intrigue

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Michael Targaryen Was recommended to me based on that assessment

Patryk Chamuczyński I was recommended to read Game of Thrones for its political intrigues and complex characters and I had read Shogun before. I was so dissapointed by GoT. Please believe me that in Shogun, even a brothel mom (is it a right word?) runs better intrigues than Lord Littlefinger or the bald eunuch.
Every one in the book (including third plane characters) plays his own game. And the main plot, that is the struggle of Lord Toranaga for becoming a shogun, is something I never read before or after (ok, the only one thing that I can compare it to, was The Accursed Kings series by Maurice Druon).
And characters? You get insight of Japanese minds and that is a twisted thing. The guys say one thing, communicate another, but only in their thoughts you can see what they really think. And they think three steps ahead. Every conversation in the book is like watching Karpov-Kasparov game.
This book will literally change you. In the beginning you will think of the Japanese characters as the barbarians with no respect for human life. But somewhere in the middle you will start calling Europeans filthy and uncivilized.
I have never read a better book in my life.

L.A. Pontes I have to agree with you, Patryk. Though it's been a long time since I haven't read it, ‘Shogun’ was my bed book for like twenty years. It was recommended by my sister, who’s always been a real book-worm, you know? James Clavell is simply a fantastic writer (he’ll live forever, right?) and I got hooked on the first line of the prologue. You’ve made a good description of the overall plot and you’re right: the characters are fantastic! Its based on real events of the Japanese history, you knew that? In these regard I have to recommend ‘Mushashi’, if you haven’t already read it. Simply fantastic too, and it starts where Shogun ends, with the great battle that pacified Japan and started a whole new universe of Ronins and lost samurais that had no wars to fight and so became masters in the ‘way of the sword’, the greatest of all being Miyamoto Mushasi. Great reading based on real facts. By Clavell, I have to recommend Taipan (the biggest character I read on Clavell’s stories) and Noble House; very good books too.

Patryk Chamuczyński Thanks for the recommendation. I actually happen o look for a new book to read. By Mushashi you mean the book by Eiji Yoshikawa? I think I will give it a try.
Of course I know 'Taipan' and 'Noble House'. Also 'King Rat' and 'Gai-jin'. The only left for me is Whirlwind. I will recommend for you already mentioned 'Accursed Kings' and my other favorite 'I, Claudius', if you haven't read them before. The same level of conspiracy and complex characters as in Clavell's books. Also as in case of Shogun or Noble House - pretty good TV shows were made basing on them.

L.A. Pontes Yes, It's the book by Eiji. They're really, really good. Plus, it's two monstrous volumes, which since you're used to reading large books, you surely appreciate. Actually, I haven't read either of the books you've recommended. I'll give it a try. Thanks!

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