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Different ending

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Dalene Mactier Lisa Jewell planned a different ending. See it here

Which one do you prefer?

As a mum of a teenager I think knowing that Ellie died alone in that basement would be very hard to make peace with.


Alicia I feel the actual ending, while tragic, is more realistic. Thank you for posting this - very interesting!

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Paul Gormley The original ending is laughably unrealistic. But I agree that Laurel and Poppy do seem to have recovered from major traumas very quickly as the story ends. And the letter is just silly - a sop to the reader to offset the queasy feelings around Ellie's actual fate.

Elizabetine With the way Noelle was acting, it was obvious that Ellie would die at some point. I thought the writer did a good job on how the obsession of caring turned into not caring at the end. She was never going to be happy.

Merrin The hardest part of the book for me was Ellie dying alone in that basement so I think I may have preferred the alternate ending.

Rebecca Brewer I really enjoyed the ending and made me very emotional

M.R. As much as it made me sick to think of Ellie slowly dying in the basement, it was the right call for the story. This other version was just too weird. The idea that Laurel has a part of her daughter back with Poppy still made it a happy-ish ending.

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Alex I loved the alternate ending that you posted, your book brought up a fear that is something that as a parent you feel it really can happen. I know you had to have the ending you wrote in the book, because it was realistic and it fit the book. but it did make me happy that you really wanted a happy ending for Ellie.

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Zindzi Henry You are right. The book has definitely stirred something in me, as parent. Something that I can't quite put into words...yet.

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Tara I had a love/hate with this book because how it made me feel. I hate that Ellie slowly died in the basement so this alternate ending is a lot more of a "feels good" story but at the same time i agree.. something was a bit off and they made a better choice with her dieing.

Christina She needed to die to make this book worth while. The other ending would have ruined it completely.

Memoona Rehman Hi, The given link doesn't seem to be working. Can someone tell me what the alternate ending was ?? Please, would love to to know..

Vanessa Semianiw The second ending is excellent too but was not the right fix for this book.

Nicole Ok so I just read the alternative ending. I really didn't like it. It just lagged something that never should have been lagged. Like the reason for keeping her for the year doesn't make sense especially if he still left everyone.

Julie Dalene wrote: "Lisa Jewell planned a different ending. See it here

Which one do you prefer?

As a mum of a teenager..."

I would've preferred a happy united ending but I guess that's what make the book end with what we weren't expecting which was very good as well. Very sad on how she died alone as someone else had said. I was not expecting this.....

Milie2112 I did not like the ending of the book and I do not like the alternative.
I would have had Noelene locked up somewhere by Floyd as payback.
I also do not understand why the events would have led Floyd to suicide. this does not make sense to me. just really a loose end to tie up.

Lauren Nolan I think I prefer her original ending. The original also explains why we are told so much about Hanna and Theo, because if Ellie lives, she would end up seeing them together.

LavanderInMyRoom I mean... They recovered very quickly at the end, which was a bit odd, but I definitely wouldn't change it. It was more realistic. While it hurt my heart, I can appreciate it and I did actually enjoy it. By the way, any good books like this one out there? I would love to hear about it!

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