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Showing Kafka's close tie to Rudolf Steiner, his experiencing of higher states of reality and the occult messaging in his great parable: Before the Law -- -
Kafka Unleashed unleashes the depths of Kafka's stories and novels in a way that no other Kafka translation even attempts:

The Guardian of the Threshold to the spiritual world HAS TO BE what Kafka had the "priest" (spiritualist/Geistlicher) narrate to
Josef K. in the Cathedral (Dom)....

But is there even anyone who is interested in the questions of Freedom & Necessity!! - as that's where the discussion leads....

" any event we've given up any pretensions of knowing and moreover we don't even want to know, nobody has any interest in such matters." (p. 186 - K.'s Interview with Mr. Mayor - Kafka Unleashed).

In my erstwhile opinion, the ONLY way to overcome the materialistic bias of the current prevalent consciousness is to bring to bear ALL of the insightful humanists beginning with Plato and including Kafka for our own age..... Steiner's role in delving into the supersensible realms makes understanding of Plato, John's Gospel and so much else p o s s i b l e .... assuming that there are people who have the i n t e r e s t in rising above the confusion that is so rampant.


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