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Whose death made you cry the most? Cinna, Finnick or Prim?

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Norah Alsultan From me Finnick T-T The others, Cinna and Prim, I was expect this happening.
But Finnick, I was never think about if he will die ;-; It's was a big surprise for me! And when I'm read the mockingjay again, I was can't stop my tears when I reach the part of Finnick die :") I don't know why! But I think that's becauseــــ maybe between I love him and his ending when Katniss thinking what he is remember before the death""( Especially when he was remember his wedding D":

How about you?

Dawnnicolebw Finnick and Prim. I was so happy that Finnick and Annie were reunited and happy; that death felt like the rug had been pulled out from underneath me. When Prim died, that was straight up heartbreaking.

Nikita I wasn't happy with the deaths of Finnick and Prim. Both were a complete shock to me and both were devastating.

Sandra Hofmann I think I was most sad about Cinna's death. I liked his character a lot, and I didn't expect it at this point of the story, though..
Finnick's death happened so fast, I didn't like Colling's writing in this part of the triology much. It all happened so fast, I hardly got emotional.
Prim's death, on the other hand, was very sad, too.

Ruth Cinna!!!!!!!!! WAAAAAAAAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :'(

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Christopher All three of the deaths were sad I had to reread a couple of times to make sure I wasn't hallucinating.Prim and Finnicks death were slightly more sad than Cinna's though.

Kaya Finnick and Cinna. I still can't deal with the fact they were so cruelly killed.

Shut Up, I'm Reading. Cinna's death didn't make me cry. I kinda just thought that maybe he would still be alive, but when I actualy realized he was gone, I did a double take...still, I didn't cry. On the other hand, Finnick's death was HEARTBREAKING, not because of the actual scene BUT BECAUSE OF FANNIE/ANNICK! I hated that Finnick died, but most of all, I hated HOW he died. A person like finnick deserves a more heroic death. Prim's death also made me cry, but I didn't cry when she actualy exploded, just the part when Katniss yells at buttercup and says "she's gone, you stupid cat!" That got to me HARD! Yeah so Finnicks death made me cry the most, then Prim and then Cinna :)

Hali Finnick's death was the worst for me. The way he had just found love and leaving Annie all alone in such a fragile state was awful. Honestly, I didn't care much about Prim, and the way I was flying through the book at the end, It didn't really register that Prim had even died. Cinna wasn't much of a shock to me, and never held a special place in my head.

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manali Finnick.I literally had tears in my eyes.I never expected him to be dead.Also prim's death was very unexpected.:(

Dennis John CINNA and PRIM

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Shy Cinna and Prim.

I don't care about Finnick. I felt kind of sad when he sacrificed himself to save Katniss.

Denise Cynth I was spoiled about Prim's death (through a quiz when I haven't read the book yet) so I quite expected it already, but Finnick's death really opened the floodgates on my eyes. T.T

Mary Ann Khalil Definitely Cinna and Finnick. Surprisingly, I was just surprised then annoyed when Prim died. I mean, seriously, what was the point of everything Katniss did if in the end she was going to die?

notyourfriend Finnick I think was the most sad.

Jawad Farooq Well Prim .

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Maria Kaye Finnick :'( because of the baby he'll never hold or see.

Kristine Definitely Prim. I mean, the whole thing started with trying to save Prim, and then she dies anyways! Le sigh.

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trin Finnick because how could you not. I was sad with Cinna's as well but it was "livable". I wasn't as torn down with Prim's death because it was, of course, spoiled for me before I read it.

Derek I'm going with Finnick and Rue.

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Cat Definitely Finnick. He died so awfully after all he'd been through...

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Dawn I did not exactly cry when any of these characters died, but I did find these deaths sad. For me the saddest death I experienced was Prim's because of the nature of her character throughout the series-- how Katniss sacrificed herself and lived her life almost solely to protect her family, most of all Prim. But I was also so saddened by Cinna's death, considering his relationship with Katniss in the series. To me, the least affecting death was Finnick's. But that's just me...

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Ava All of them, mosty Prim and Cinna because I didn't realize Finnick diead in tell after I finished the book. Susan was not vary clear about Finnicks death.

Jamie Cinna's death was the most well written. While expected and acceptable it pulled at me the most for the writing style. However Finnick's death bothered me the most in the long run even if it was not as well portrayed. I mean he just marries Annie and them he's just...gone.

Lilly Prims made me cry.. I was so sad she died. Katniss put her life on the line for her sister and she ended up dying anyways :(

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EDLL Finnick, but i didn't cry.

Sarah Nichole Prims death was so horrible because I didn't expect her to be in any danger, I mean Finnick and Cinna were in the Capitol when they died and weren't in any sort of safety necessarily..but Prim was supposed to be safe in 13 and out of harms way :( she was just starting to grow up and become her own person and more of a character other than the little sister.

I think anyone dying really got to me but it all happened so fast each time. Someone would die and then she was pushed into the next situation and you didn't have time to take it all in. Prims death really stuck with me though so it was definitely the worst for me.

Amanda While the deaths themselves were very sad, I cried my eyes out in the aftermath of Prim's death, when Katniss yells at the cat that she isn't coming back.

Kristin I cried my way thru this book! But Prim´s death affected me the most

Amphitrite Finnick! I can't believe he died after he just got married to Annie. Imagine Annie at District 13 waiting for her husband to come home so she can give him the news that they are going to have a son:( Then the news reaches her and she finds out that her son will never know his father and she will never see Finnick again :"(

Amphitrite Mary Ann wrote: "Definitely Cinna and Finnick. Surprisingly, I was just surprised then annoyed when Prim died. I mean, seriously, what was the point of everything Katniss did if in the end she was going to die?"
Same here I was like wow now Volunteering for the Hunger Games to save her life was pointless I mean come on they were in this whole mess that the one kid didn't have to be in the Games and die

Nimotalai Didn't cry during any of them, but Finnick is my bae :)

Shella i was sad when finnick died. But i did not cry

Reese I didn't cry at any of them. But I think the one that struck me the most was Prim, because that was the one that really ruined Katniss.

Cassie    'The Thinker Go Go Go Go' Mis. Roben Goodfellow'\Isabelle Lightwood Cinna'S I didn't see the point of why they had to kill him. And also I think I cried for his death because of what he meant to Cat-nip (Gale's nickname) I didn't really cry at the other two.

Marisa Ferreira Finnick, he was one of my favorite characters, but I was also really sad when Cinna died. Prim... well, I never really liked her.

Emily Prim. Prim all of the way. Finnick wasn't a character I cared about at all; he didn't leave an imprint on me. Cinna... I was really said about it, but not as sad as when Prim died.

Kayla I was really disappointed when Finnick and Cinna died, but it was so soon that I didn't really get a chance to mourn. I think I was more in shock.
Prim however... It was different. I didn't cry, but I felt the heart break.

Kearra Harris All of them were horrible. However I knew that Prim was going to die because people like to spoil stuff. Cinna was devastating, but Finnick oh goodness, that was horrible. I wasn't expecting that at all. He was just starting to be happy with Anna, and then boom he dies.

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Tara i hated all of their deaths but i cried when Finnick and prim died.Finick had just reunited with Anne and i was excited to see what would happen next with their life. And of course Prim was such a sweet sister i loved her.

Nimotalai Prim's death was so stupid. I can honestly say I didn't give a shit.

Sophia Finnick's was the saddest! He just got reunited with Anna and then WHOOSH he's dead. I was spoiled on Prim's death so....
My heart was broken when Cinna died. He was one of my favorites. :'(

Mrigen Sarma Prim of course

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Liz My sister is about the same age difference younger than me that Prim is to Katniss, and so throughout the book, it was easy to compare them, and I imagined her AS my sister. So when she died I'll admit completely lost it. With the others, I thought it was sad in principle, but it didn't move me per say. Prim's death was bad.

Grace Well, it's going to have to be Finnick. Just after his marriage... but him and Annie's baby made it not so hard.

Katie I actually didn't cry for any of the deaths. I did tear up for Finnick, but it didn't leave me devastated since it was so quick. Prim's and Cinna's did not bother me much at all. Maybe because I wasn't very invested in Prim's and Cinna's characters.

Skylar Clark Alexandria wrote: "Mary Ann wrote: "Definitely Cinna and Finnick. Surprisingly, I was just surprised then annoyed when Prim died. I mean, seriously, what was the point of everything Katniss did if in the end she was ..."
Katniss didn't volunteer for her sister for nothing. I mean the rebellion wouldn't have happened if it wasn't for Katniss going into the Hunger Games for Prim.

Sarah Nichole Mackenzie wrote: "Katniss didn't volunteer for her sister for nothing. I mean the rebellion wouldn't have happened if it wasn't for Katniss going into the Hunger Games for Prim. "

Hmm I never though of it that way Mackenzie. It all did seem like it was for nothing..but that's so true.

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DOLLY FINNICK!! I just wasn't ready for it!
Oh Finnick... :'( and baby Finnick. oh, so sad!
he was one of the good ones.

Prim was destined for death (in my mind). She had "martyr" written all over her.

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