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SOLVED: Adult Fiction > SOLVED. Mother searches for kidnapped son. [s]

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Rozanne Bowman | 2 comments Read this book in 2011 - English, set in modern day times. Drama/Mystery/Love story.
Son was kidnapped as a baby - possibly in a foreign country (?). Mother searches for years to find him. Her marriage fell apart. She has a lead and hires this man to help her follow it down - something about an illegal group. They go on a crazy adventure to find out.

< /spoiler>
She has major sexual tension with this guy she is searching with they solve the mystery at the end and find her son. turns out it was the local adoption agency who kidnaps the kids and then puts them up for adoption. her son was being raised by a loving family who thought he was abandoned. devastated she leaves him with that family as its the only one he has ever known. she goes into a depression, stays with the man who helped her find her son and moves on with her life. years later the doorbell rings and her son shows up to meet her.

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Rozanne Bowman | 2 comments Yes - thank you! I read the whole book again in an afternoon and i still love it.

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