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Jasmine "Jazz" Summers
Personality-kind, shy, stronger than she looks, brave. She is very flexible and agile. She is part Indian and was raised on the Indian ways of life. She is resourceful and inteligent. She loves animals of all sorts. She hates snakes and bugs, but knows how to get them to leave without touching or scaring them. Don't underestimate her abilites.
Wich RP?- Zombie apocalypse
Weapons- bow and

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Jade | 21 comments Name:hazel
Appearance:tall long brown hair white skin
Which rp: Zombie Apocolypse

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Tate Rayne
Apearance-tall, slim, dark brown hair, green eyes, tan

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Personality-caring, laid back, but aware of his surondings, will to live
Wich RP-zombie apocalypse

Vehicle-[it has all the supplies mentioned in the pic]

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[Sorry about the getting the thing splet in half]

Ultimate Sugglett | 23 comments Name: Wonder
Age: 6
Appearence: Green eyes black hair with one orange streak
Personality: tbrp
Which RP: zombie apocalypse
Species: human

Ultimate Sugglett | 23 comments Name: Magnalene
Age: 19
Appearence: bright blonde hair that is she always curls, brown eyes
Personality: tbrp
Which RP: any
Species: human

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