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message 1: by Frances (new)

Frances (mothindarkness) | 83 comments Mod
Any posts about web comics, online art, graphic novels, and even a little chatter about old school comics, can go in this folder.

My all time favorite serial comic... (its an oldie)
Arion Lord of Atlantis...
and web comic? Mega Tokyo


message 2: by K.J. (new)

K.J. Joyner (spearcarrier) Wow that one's steeped in.. uh... does the promo part fit comics too? I didn't think I could talk about comics in this place because it's so centered around straight prose.

Anyway, my own comics aside, I think my favorites would be..

Ouran High School Host Club
Girl Genius (web comic)

Absolute Boyfriend made me cry! :-(

And then there's Red String, which is also a web comic.

I look at the trend of the comics I read these days and noticed a vast difference from what I loved when I was younger. I think perhaps I need to make my husband buy me flowers.

message 3: by Frances (new)

Frances (mothindarkness) | 83 comments Mod
Too funny. I usually go for chocolate when I'm feeling old, maybe flowers would be kinder to my mid-section. ;-)

message 4: by K.J. (new)

K.J. Joyner (spearcarrier) LOL.. actually I was thinking "lacking in romance" but feeling old works!

message 5: by Frances (new)

Frances (mothindarkness) | 83 comments Mod
Oh! I meant for me, for me... feeling old. :-D
I agree with the lacking with romance as well though.

message 6: by K.J. (new)

K.J. Joyner (spearcarrier) Frances wrote: "Oh! I meant for me, for me... feeling old. :-D
I agree with the lacking with romance as well though.

LOL... I'm not sure if there's a cure. I haven't talked to Peter Pan in simply ages.

message 7: by Mike (new)

Mike (mikerm) My current favourites:

Irregular Webcomic! (http://www.irregularwebcomic.net/). Actually one of the most regular webcomics there is, it posts faithfully every single day and has done for years. Multiple stories, sometimes crossing each other, and very funny, especially if you're a bit of a geek.

The Dreamland Chronicles (http://www.thedreamlandchronicles.com/). Simply beautiful, 3D rendered on computer, an all-ages fantasy story that the author started putting up on the web for free because it was his love project and he wanted it out there. Publishers had turned him down. It now has over a million readers and you will instantly see why.

Kitty Hawk (http://kittyhawkcomic.com/). A relatively new but very promising pulp comic with a female aviator as the lead character.

Kukuburi (http://www.kukuburi.com/). I have no idea what is going on in this comic, or what the guy is smoking, but it's beautiful.

El Goonish Shive (http://www.egscomics.com/). Friendly aliens, magic transformation guns which change people's gender, a cute ninja squirrel girl and a school of Anime Style Martial Arts - what's not to like? Also, some good character exploration and suspenseful plotting - the author is an art student but I think his writing is better than his drawing. I warn you, once you start reading you are unlikely to stop, and it's long. Leave time.

Dreamless (http://dreamless.keenspot.com/). Another fairly new one, about a Japanese boy and American girl just before World War II who, instead of dreaming, see each other's waking lives. Beautifully painted.

message 8: by K.J. (new)

K.J. Joyner (spearcarrier) Aaah! See now this is why I couldn't plug mine, with such beautiful competition! LOL

message 9: by V.J. (new)

V.J. Chambers (vjchambers) | 5 comments My friend's webcomic Girls With Slingshots (http://www.daniellecorsetto.com/gws.html) is really awesome.

I like xkcd (xkcd.com) too.

message 10: by K.J. (new)

K.J. Joyner (spearcarrier) Girls with slingshots is pretty cool. I've advertised in its project wonderful box from time to time. =^-^=

Oh, and there's Girly. It's got a very interesting artistic style.

message 11: by Hillary (new)

Hillary (webhill) | 3 comments I must admit, I haven't really had time to read much of the available online serial fiction. I look forward to checking out some of these suggestions, though!

message 12: by A.M. (new)

A.M. (amharte) | 23 comments Oooh!

I also read The Dreamland Chronicles & xkcd and occasionally Girls With Slingshots.

I'm also a fan of Questionable Content, and the rather controversial Cyanide & Happiness.

But I really recommend Freakangels (NSFW), which I only started reading a few days ago: http://www.freakangels.com/

message 13: by Dan (new)

Dan Bonser I almost got into doing webcomics, but the artist backed out. *sigh* Great stuff from the links posted. Can't wait to take a closer look.

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