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Did George kill Gatsby? A new theory

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Troy Kinney The character of Meyer Wolfsheim is an unforgettable and formidable one that hangs out in the background of The Great Gatsby, with hair protruding from his nostrils under that flat nose. It will seem confounding to think this book is not about what it appears, but Wolfsheim is the central hub to the whole novel. This may seem unbelievable, even Nick thinks, “The idea staggered me. I remembered…but if I had thought of it at all I would have thought of it as a thing that merely HAPPENED, the end of some inevitable chain. It never occurred to me that one man [Meyer Wolfsheim] could start to play with the faith of fifty million people — with the single-mindedness of a burglar blowing a safe.” This is what F. Scott Fitzgerald is doing with his readers. He is playing with the faith of millions of people. Most readers want to believe that this novel concerns some romantic notion of love or the American Dream or some other such nonsense, but Fitzgerald weaves a deeper plot than that. The Great Gatsby is speaking of those in power and how they use people in order to accomplish their purposes and that is the way of the world...

Janet George killed Gatsby after being manipulated by Tom. A poor white man doing the rich white man's dirty work.
Yes, this book is not what people think it is.
Fitzgerald himself said that.

Gary I'm going to avoid clicking on a tinyurl, but just so I'm clear, is the theory here that Wolfsheim:

A. murdered Gatsby AND Wilson, leaving Wilson to either kill himself after the dead or be murdered and left as a frameup for the murder?

B. took advantage of the situation to drive Wilson to killing Gatsby behind the scenes after and/or in addition to the things Tom said to Wilson?

I don't think either of those scenarios are very plausible, and I can't think of anything in the text that would support them, assuming I'm understanding the theory in the first place, that is.

Geoffrey Aronson It´s quite clear that Wilson killed George. Tom admits to Nick his dastardly deed of lying and getting Jay killed erroneously. There is nothing in the novel to remotely suggest another party to the murder.

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