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message 1: by Steven (new)

Steven Moore Help! I can't publish everything I write, especially short fiction...and not even the good stuff (the bad never sees the light of day, of course). I have a list of PDFs free for the asking on my website, ("Free Stuff & Contests" webpage), and I'd like to know an easy way to allow readers to download this content (they can only get it now by emailing me). Does any author do this? (I think some even sell ebooks that way.)
Any help would be appreciated.
r/Steve Moore

message 2: by Mellie (new)

Mellie (mellie42) | 610 comments If you use either BookFunnel or InstaFreebie for delivery, they allow readers to download the files for themselves in whatever format they prefer.

message 3: by Steven (new)

Steven Moore Thanks, A.W. I'll check them out.
I've come across several possibilities, but they all required HTML experience. While I once programmed in C++ and could once write UNIX scripts, I never learned HTML. Perhaps I should do so, but frankly I'd rather be reading...and writing.
r/Steve Moore

message 4: by Rodney (new)

Rodney Richards (rodrjr) | 2 comments PDF Architect is a great free PDF creator. Note for CreateSpace users; They say you can upload a Word doc to Interior Reviewer, but I wouldn't, it takes too long. Upload a PDF of your manuscript instead, it takes much less time.

message 5: by Steven (new)

Steven Moore I checked out A.W.'s suggestions. I'm not wealthy, so I'm not willing to pay a monthly or yearly fee. I'm leaning to the Microsoft Cloud; I have free access to it because I run Win10. We'll see.
Rodney, my problem's not with PDF creation. I can just save from MS Word a PDF copy.
And I'm not looking to blast out free ebooks. I write a lot of short fiction that I collect to form free PDFs--short stories and novellas. I used to use Wattpad for some of them, but I detest their user interface.
I usually publish my novels in one format or another, but I never give those away. I might give them away as PDFs in the future, though. Editing, formatting, cover art, and PR and marketing are financial burdens when I go indie; only PR And marketing are onerous when I go traditional, but then the wait is often a year or more.
I'm really just looking for a way to allow readers with a computer (or smart phone?) to long on and download what they like. (I write that off as investing in name recognition. And I obviously had fun writing that short fiction!)
Thanks for the suggestions.
r/Steve Moore

message 6: by Lance (new)

Lance Charnes (lcharnes) | 327 comments Steven wrote: "I checked out A.W.'s suggestions. I'm not wealthy, so I'm not willing to pay a monthly or yearly fee..."

I pay a whopping $20 a year for my BookFunnel account. That gets me 500 downloads a month with unlimited titles and one author name. If you're moving more than 500 copies a month, you should be selling them.

Since you already have a "Free Stuff" page on your website, why aren't you linking the titles to your PDFs? That way, anyone with a browser can just click on the link and automatically download the files.

I'm not seeing a problem here unless there's something more to it than you're telling us.

message 7: by Bruce (new)

Bruce E. | 160 comments Tell me more about BookFunnel. I put here and on email a note that by just emailing me I would give them access to my novel "Pygmalion Conspiracy" on PDF. I hope that if the readers liked it they would buy the sequel "Jeevra's Legacy". I didn'e get a whole lot of takers. What arte you suggesting?

message 8: by Mellie (new)

Mellie (mellie42) | 610 comments Steven wrote: "I checked out A.W.'s suggestions. I'm not wealthy, so I'm not willing to pay a monthly or yearly fee..."

InstaFreebie has a FREE plan. If you can't afford free to enable readers to download in the format of their choice then I don't have any other suggestions *shrug*

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