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maha (melmo352) | 24 comments Mod
Thank you to everyone who voted on the poll! As the results have shown, The Hate U Give is the most popular choice, and will be what we'll be reading in May.

We'll be starting this on May 1st, so have your copies ready. Anyone is welcome to join in and discuss this book, as long as you mark your spoilers and the chapter!

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Farah (fofo0620) | 15 comments Mod
Hello everyone!
At the end of next week we hope to reach up to chapter 10. We can discuss together at May 11.

Aqsa (her_747) Okay :)

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Farah (fofo0620) | 15 comments Mod
hehe okay so I'm late... my bad
Anyways, I'm up to page 320 and am having spiraling thoughts. Overall the story moves in a precise and slow manner. Meaning every detail is said (not my type). I really connect with Starr when people think she has a duty to speak out to the world although fear and doubt are the ones stopping her. I like the supporting characters such as: Chris, DeVante, Seven, Ms. Ofrah, etc... I can't wait to find out what happens in the end. Anybody else have any thoughts go ahead and share them. I would love to hear your guys's point of view.

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