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message 1: by Bryan, Village Idiot (new)

Bryan | 480 comments Mod
This is going to sound a bit silly, but before I begin I want to tell you something about me:

I'm kind of an impulsive person. I see or learn about something and I get excited and want to do it. I've grown up enough to know this about myself and I know if I give it a week or two, then the excitement will either stay or go away. If it stays, then it really is something I want to do.

With that said, I've had this desired to launch a rocket into orbit for several years now. I'm not talking NASA or SpaceX sized rockets, but a small, home-made rocket. This desired has increased by like 100 since I've been reading Seveneves.

I also want to learn more about robotics, so I could add a small camera to my rocket and be able to see.

The goal would be to build a rocket that has enough thrust and force to take a payload of a camera with solar panels for power to the moon. Where I could connect with it and view the moon and earth from the moon.

So, if anyone out there knows anything about robotics or rocket building OR knows of any books/clubs that might help...please point me in the right direction!

What are some weird goals/dreams you have?

message 2: by Oleksandr, a.k.a. Acorn (new)

Oleksandr Zholud | 3991 comments Mod
I don't want to rain on your parade but moving even small object to Earth orbit is quite expensive. Just look at 1st satellite - weighted 85 kg, to push it to orbit the rocket (90%+ is fuel) weighted 267 tons! The fuel these days is almost the same, so it the pushing power requirements

message 3: by Bryan, Village Idiot (new)

Bryan | 480 comments Mod are not raining on my parade. I never said it was a practical is just one I would like pursue.

message 4: by Art, Stay home, stay safe. (new)

Art | 2546 comments Mod
I suppose it depends greatly on how much time and energy you want to devote it to, but to be honest I doubt that it is a project for someone to tackle solo.

Don't quote me, but I am pretty sure the only amateur team (exclusing Space X) that sent anything to the orbit, with minimal payload, managed doing so only 5-10 years ago. Before that even the most advanced uni teams only managed to get it bit over halfway. But once again, it is worth pointing out that we are talking about serious competing teams that work on a budget.

The smaller rocketry fairs bring many enthusiastic amateurs with regular smaller devices, but I have no clue how far into the atmosphere they get, but pretty sure it is nowhere near 10-30 miles. Worth googling because I only vaguely remember reading news about it being a big deal for an amateur rocket getting a tiny camera into the orbit.

message 5: by Bryan, Village Idiot (new)

Bryan | 480 comments Mod
ok, so...rockets and space may be a bit ambitious. So what about Robotics? Anyone know where I could go to start building robots...not Skynet quality...but basic. Some wheels...maybe a light...wires...battery...

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