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Win Scott Eckert (win_scott_eckert) | 37 comments One challenge we've always had in 20+ years of fandom is the distinction between the WNF as Phil defined and the larger WNU. I know that my own original WNU site contributed to that, which is why, with much help from Jason A. and Chris C., we put up a few years ago. Unfortunately, the site is not widely known, but the info there is solid. Perhaps you guys will want to start there when adding books to the bookshelf.

You are all also welcome to link to my and Chris' intro to TALES OF THE WNU (it can be found online at Black Gate or SFSignal or on, and to lift from my pinned intro post and FAQ on the FB WN group.

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Will Emmons | 40 comments Mod
Thanks Win. It's definitely an important distinction!

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