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You can post your completed characters here. Please wait to be approved before starting to roleplay with your characters.

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Weird And Odd * Acelin Jade Alain
* 19
* Female
* Born in North

* History
Acelin lived in a secluded, custom built house on an acre of land in the middle of what she considered nowhere. Her mother died during childbirth, and her father was pretty absent. Eventually, he left for good, and she had to move to the Southern Kingdom to get a better job. She tried out for the palace maid hoping to be able to have access to books, and nailed the position for the Princes' personal servant. She frequently reads while she cleans and tends to her duties, almost always remembering to put the book back right where she found it.
* Family
---Mother: Dead
---Father: Unknown

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"Pouring the fuel, fanning the flames I know, this is the point of no return."
━━━━━━━━━━━━━━》Aharon Colebane《━━━━━━━━━━━━━━
Male ║ Forty║ Heterosexual ║ North King║alexander skarsgard

Eye Color: Blue ▪ Hair: Blonde ▪ Height: 6'2▪ Distinguished Markings: (view spoiler)

Son to the duke and duchess of the north, Domniel and Sandrine gave Aharon the most that they could in his life. He grew up around the palace, the grand home to the king that lived with his barren wife. Even though it wasn't Aharon's own home, it was a place he often visited with his father as he started to grow older. Soon, their family welcomed a young girl to their family, an orphan at the age of five that their mother took in. But this did not sit well with the north king, instructing the Colebane's to take the young child and give her away to another family. The north king believed that the high tiers should stay within their class, rather than tarnishing the lineage with an unknown child. Aharon's father, Domniel wanted to stay in good graces with the king and followed his command. But the mother wouldn't hear of it, Sandrine had already grown an attachment to the poor child, and Aharon did as well. He felt like it was his responsibility, as his mother had instructed, to protect the young girl that he would call his sister. (view spoiler)

Domniel Colebane _ father _ deceased
Sandrine Colebane _ mother _ deceased
Ataline Colebane _ adopted sister _ deceased

Members of the north kingdom

Anyone trying to take overthrow him
People who hate magic

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