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Emma Giordano (emmmabooks) | 51 comments Mod
Hey Everybody! This week is the last week of "Twilight" for the read-along. We'll be starting "New Moon" on the 3rd of August, so I thought I'd post the reading schedule for next month!

Week 1: August 3-9: Chapters 1-6 158 pages
Week 2: August 10-16: Chapters 7-12 140 pages
Week 3: August 17-23: Chapters 13-18 123 pages
Week 4: August 24-30: Chapter 19-End 139 pages

The books do get bigger as the series progresses, therefore, we have to start adding a few more pages to each week. If it's an inconvenience, just read at your own pace and participate in the discussions when you're up to everyone else's level :)

I will be making another goodreads post/ youtube announcement when things are set in stone, but as of now, the liveshow is scheduled for SATURDAY, AUGUST 9TH. We don't have a time yet, but keep your eyes peeled for new info. Thank guys!!

message 2: by Syliah (new)

Syliah Neely | 1 comments Ahhhh So excited!

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Chloe (blondiesbooks) | 6 comments yay I can't wait!

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