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River groaned at she slowly limped out of the plane, hissing in pain when she put a little pressure on her left leg. Looking down she almost hurled, seeing the blood running down her leg. She looked around for any other survivor's who needed assistance, upon realizing that her leg was the only serious injury she had.

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Everlie fluttered her eyes open looking around her. She felt her head starting pound harder and harder. She looked around to see dead passengers all around her. She bit her cheek to help her stop from screaming her heart. She undid her seatbelt grabbing her backpack and heading out of the plane. She couldn't believe that she wouldn't see her family for awhile. She exited the plane and looked to see any survivors.

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River found her bag on the beach, picking it up she looked back at the plane. She hoped that other people were alive and she wouldn't be alone on this island.

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Everlie felt her eyes begin to blur because of the side effects of her eyes surgery. She couldn't find her sunglasses that helped her see on the plane. She saw another girl beside her but also her footsteps from behind. She turned around as soon as her eyes cleared up seeing a guy.

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River sighed in relief at seeing the other two survivors. It gave her hope that others besides the three of them could have survived. She carefully began limping towards the other people who had made it out of the plane.

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Everlie looked at the girl that had a limp comoing towards them. She also boy with a limp coming towards them. She needed to figure out a way to help. They all needed to be at there best to escape get off this place. She went in her bag looking for her first aid kit. Luckily she took first aid in her freshman yea. She went through everything making sure she would be able to cleanse there wounds.

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River got to the two of them "Are you okay?" She asked softly, in any other situation River would have avoided everyone but in this case she felt the need to help the other survivors.

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River looked at Hunter nodding silently, one person down. She took a glance back at her leg, the bleeding seemed to have slowed for the most part, but now the pain was sinking in and it hurt a lot.

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Everlie looked up at the girl with a frown. Her limp looked bad and her body still seemed in shock, "I am doing fine,love. I want you to sit down so I can look at your limp. I might need to wrap it up so it wont get hurt"

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River turned to look at her fellow female "Its fine, take care of the others first" She insisted, refusing any help until she was sure the others were taken care of.

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Everlie looked at the girl with a pleading smile trying to help was going to be hard. She went her bag and found one her shirts. She slowly ripped it a part before looking at the girl again, "Please let me help you.....the amount blood you are losing you could die. I can help you live just let me help you"

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River let out a sigh, to her it didn't matter all that much, the bleeding had slowed now. Despite her obvious dislike of the help, River carefully sat her leg out in front of her.

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Everlie looked at the cut carefully before put the pint of water left in her water bottle on the girl's cut. She gently blew on it before she wrapped the cloth securely around the wounded area, "That should keep protected for a while"

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River nodded, she'd had a similar injury in her childhood after falling off her bike and cutting her leg open on a piece of glass. It was a surprise to her when it didn't scar. She remembered the stark white bandages, and how much she had hated them.

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Everlie got and looked at the boy the limp leg. She went over looking at it closely before she searched for wood somewhere. She thought she could create a splint but she didn't see anything, "Maybe if I wrap it......."

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River watched the group as she stood back up, shifting the way her bag was on her back. She began walking away, forcing herself not to limp. The darked haired girl moved towards the woods to collect things they could use.

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"My name is Everlie...nice to meet you,Hunter" She said gicing him a smile before she looked at the forest not far from there. She quickly ran towards it taking to big sticks and came back to him. She gently pushed the sticks on each side of his ankle. She gently wrapped it making sure not to hurt him, "This should do it"

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"No problem but you should try and stay off it" She said looking at him trying to stand. She knew that it would make worse than it already was, "Hunter I think you should sit down and breath"

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River found many large branches and things, she was so glad she had read lots of books about survival. River placed them away from the group, not wanting to be around the group at the moment. If they wanted to get to know each other, then that was there choice but she was going to keep them all alive, and if they wanted to get to know her, then they could come to her.

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Everlie looked at him with a grateful smile, "I am glad you are listening to me. I have to make sure everyone is okay and you being hurt wont keep me peace at mind"

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River looked at Harley, she hadn't noticed that she was being followed. "I read some books about it" River commented softly, as she began to sort through the branches, putting some aside as fire wood and others that could be used to make a shelter.

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"I think if I saw that I would probably faint as soon as I saw it" She said laughing as well before sitting down. She need to get off of this place but as long as she wasn't alone she would gain some sanity. She needed to find away to talk to everyone at once, "You seem to be calm about all of this?"

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"Grab out all smaller branches" River instructed as she turned to the larger branches, she wanted to get the shelter ready before resting her leg. It was still in a lot of pain, but River didn't seem to care about it. The pain could be dealt with later on. "I'm River" She told Harley after a moment.

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"Honsetly I don't know why I am not afraid or anything" She said with small laugh, "I just think we need a plan to get off of this place"

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River began to strip the larger branches down, so they would be better used for the shelter. Stopping what she was doing for a moment, River glanced at the group. She mentally judged how large the shelter would need to be for all of them.

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Grace opened her eyes "Ow" She said to herself quietly, rubbing her head as she undid her seat belt and looked around. All around her, she could see the dead bodies and wreckage. She grabbed her bag and tossed it on her back before looking herself over for any injuries, seeing only a possibly sprained or broken wrist and a few bruises that would take a couple days to heal. Looking around, she tried to find the exit, her vision still a little off. After looking around, her eyes finally caught sight of the door and she got off the broken plane.

River nodded to Harley, mentally adding more people. You know what the shelter can wait, more people might be alive River thought, and turned to the smaller branches. "We should set a fire" She suggested, looking at the sky. A plane could fly over them at any moment.

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Grace looked at the group of people, walking over to them. "Hi everyone, I am Grace" She said cheerfully, not being the kind of person to be very unhappy even in this kind of situation.

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"That's fine, on the plane should be a survival kit. All planes are supposed to have them" River commented, as she made her way towards the plane. She would find that kit, as it could help them. Ignoring the group that were talking, River climbed back into the plane, being careful of her injury and began looking through the plane for the survival kit.

Grace looked at everyone "So how is everyone on this beautiful day?" She asked them with a bright smile. The situation could be worse, it could be raining so Grace was looking at it as a good day.

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Everlie fixed her hair feeling something crawl in it. She tried everything in her power not to freak out and luckily she didn't. She heard them introduce herself and she decided too also. "Hello everyone my namie is Everlie" She said with a smile towards all of them, "Its nice to meet you guys"

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"Hey it could always be worse, it could be raining" Grace replied, she looked to the male. "I say we should all be thankful we are one up from all of those dead people, at least we're alive"

River caught sight of Celine with the survival kit. She walked over silently and opened it for the other female.

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Everlie sighed when she looked at the girl who was cheerful. She would have been like that if eyes didn't start to blur again. She had surgery on her eyes 2 weeks and she had special glasses to cover it from the sun. She was in pain right now and she couldn't do anything but close her eyes.

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Grace turned to Logan "Come on cheer up people" Grace crossed her arms and pouted. These people were such downers.

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"Lets see now that everyone knows each other lets see what each of us can apply to getting off this place" Everlie said when she opened her eyes giving them a smile, "I specialize in injuries like first aid and such. I can cook just a little if I find edible food"

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River stayed silent, she much preferred to be quiet, especially when she didn't know anyone. The eighteen year old began to go through the survival kit, trying to find the matches or anything she could use to light a fire.

Grace looked at Charlie "That's the spirit, our time on this island will be much easier if we all stay positive"

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"Why do I have a feeling that I am the youngest as always?" She thought this with a frown. She decided not to tell her age because she didn't like to be treated as a kid. She was serious when needed be but she did have her moments.

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"I'm sixteen, if that makes you feel any better. Not that I know how old you are, that'd be weird..." Grace stopped realizing she was beginning to babble.

River closed the survival kit and carried it off the plane, she could go through it more carefully off the plane.

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Everlie looked at Grace giving her a smile, "I am fifteen so I am probally the youngest here. Hunter that would be helpful if you found something maybe in an hour or so. Swimming would help if you see something close to help with communication. For example if you see something that was from plane it would be helpful if you got. I hope that made any since sorry I tend to talk a lot. This might sound strange but does anyone have sunglasses the sun is bothering my eyes"

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Everlie gave him a smile before putting the glasses on in relief. She let out a breath before looking at him again, "Thank You Hunter." She then looked at Charlie giving him a reassuring smile, "Its alright you look like you could help Hunter with finding food if you don't mind"

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"Hunter, I really think you should be careful on your ankle" She said with concern she had a feeling he was stubborn, "You need to take it easy please"

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"Fine but please don't do anything stupid" She said when she looked at him with concern but shook it off, "And please don't choose anything with poison"

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River put the survival kit on the beach, kneeling down to get everything she needed to get out of it. After a few minutes of searching, she found the matches and a flare. Placing the flare aside, she planned to use it if she saw a plane fly over them.

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River walked over to the group, and placed the bright orange kit by them, no longer needing it. She had the flare and the matches, and at the moment those were the most important things to her. She went back over to her piles of branches and began to go through her bag to find her notebook, once she found it she began to design the shelter she was planning in her mind. I'll use the bad drawings as kindling She thought.

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"You did a good job Hunter and Charlie these look edible and not poisonous" She said with a smile before she looked at them carefully. She put them in a bag so they wouldn't perish, "This should last about a couple days."

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River finished up her design, setting it off to the side and beginning to set up the fire. She wanted to have everything set up before her leg hurt any worse. It already felt like it was on fire.

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mαddí wrote: "Harley walked back over to River. She smiled softly. "Need any help?" she asked.
Logan rummaged through the kit and found some pain medication. Hunter used it first before she took the bottle a..."

"I'm fine, go make friends or get taken care of" River said without looking away from what she was doing.

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Hipster #1 wrote: "Charlie smiled, glad he could help. He then sat on the ground, rolling up the sleeves of his blazer.

Celine tapped Everlie on the shoulder, noticing the first aid kit near her and wondering if she..."

Everlie looked up from the berries giving Celine a smile, "Yes what do you need?" She felt her eyes sting slightly but ignored it, "I see a first aid kit do you need help with that"

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"Of course I don't mine at all" She said before looking at the first aid kit taking out what was needed. She looked her wrist noticing it was just a sprain, "You have a sprained wrist but it will heal if I wrap it up."

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mαddí wrote: "Harley nodded and started to walk back towards the group but stopped. "I can help you," she said while turning around. "Especially if your leg is injured."
Logan smiled and tossed the water back..."

"I'm fine" River repeated, she didn't care to admit she was in need of help, not until she was sure everyone was fine. "Go make friends or whatever" The 18 year old female insisted.

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Grace looked around, before she decided to go wander the island.

River sighed as she began to rip up papers and organize them carefully. Once it was just right, she struck the match and the fire slowly began getting larger.

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Hipster #1 wrote: "Charlie looked up and saw Grace get up and walk away. He wondered what she was doing and stood up, following her after a moment.

Vincent looked down at the sand for a moment before he glanced at h..."

"Sure Just please be careful after I do it" She said before wrapping up her sprained wrist slowly checking if she is doing it right?

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