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message 1: by Ally (new)

Ally Parker | 1 comments Hi all, I didn't really know where to ask/post this but there are three books/series that I want to find again, but I read them forever ago and can't remember anything that Google can use to help me locate so here I am at my go-to book resource

1. The first book was about this girl who was found injured in an alley by a group of guys (brothers maybe?) her name ends up being kitten, and essentially all 5 or 6 of them start developing a romantic relationship with
And i think i remember reading that she ended up in that alley after an attack that ended with her killing the attacker but idkkk

2. This book is about shapeshifters who are dragon and the main character really really likes food and they have mates and I really dont remember much about it but it was so good and I read so many in the series and they had this whole friend group and one of the characters is named braxton
and theres this part where this dragon prince wants to take the main character away from her mate (braxton) because she is his mate....but that happens so late in the series and the character also discovers she has a sister i think? I really hope someone else has read this and knows what im talking about

3. the last one is one of those series where every book is about a different character and the first in the series is about the main character who is a sex addict who is in a relationship with an alcoholic and they feed each other's addictions, but the series goes on to tell about the older sister who is super smart and bossy and a virgin and she ends up with someone who is a dominant, and then it talks about the little sister who is a model and has super intense anxiety after a burgurlry and she has a flirtation with one of the side characters who is too old for her and they end up together years later and it was so good but I cant remember the series name or the author or anything

I would be eternally grateful if anyone could help me out
Thank you times a million

message 2: by Hanne (new)

Hanne | 113 comments I only know the third one: Addicted series by Becca and Krista Ritchie

message 3: by MountainKat, Moderator (new)

MountainKat | 23565 comments Sorry, I can't help. I can think of similar series, but they don't fit what you remember. Good luck!

message 4: by Jane (PS), Moderator (new)

Jane (PS) | 21351 comments The only dragon mf series I know is Dragon Kin, starting with Dragon Actually. There's no Braxton in the first book, but maybe in later books?...

No idea on the first book either - sounds like a book by Maya Banks or along those lines...

message 5: by Myriam (new)

Myriam | 3 comments If anybody knows the title and author of this novel please help me . I’m not sure if it’s a Harlequin but I know it’s vintage. It’s about a girl ( forgot her name) that falls in love with a doctor. She loses her virginity to him but she holds a secret and leaves him. The secret is that she has the haemophelia gene and she left the doctor in fear knowing that he would want children someday. I’ve been trying to find this book to no avail. Please help!!!!!

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