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Reading Through Every Novel

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Nigel (anhonorableleech) | 9 comments I'm planning to read through every Forgotten Realms novel released so far (all 300+ books) in a semi-chonological order starting with the Netheril Trilogy by Clayton Emery. If any would like to join me in reading these, I'll be starting on May 1st and hope to read 1 book every 2 weeks. A brisk pace, I know, but there are a lot of books.

So far, I've only read RA Salvatore's books (up through the Transitions series, but nothing further). I know not to expect the same level of great writing by all of the other authors, but I'm really interested in getting to know more of the Forgotten Realms.

I thought about making my own group for this endeavor, but I wouldn't reach as many folks as through this group. Hopefully we can get some good discussion going as I read through the books. Anyway, what are your thoughts on this? Does this interest anyone? I'm excited.

Nigel (anhonorableleech) | 9 comments I've created a list for all of the Pre-Time of Trouble books in the order I'll be reading them. If you would like to see what to expect:

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Nigel (anhonorableleech) | 9 comments From Time of Troubles to halfway to Spellplague:

*Note* Yes I included the Spelljammer stuff because... come on... it's just cool. I like that it ties the Forgotten realms into pretty much any other world you could want. I consider it a sort of open door to the Dragonlance, Greyhawk, Ravenloft, or Planescape books. So yes, I'm including them.

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Nigel (anhonorableleech) | 9 comments The rest of the way to Spellplague:

*Note* I've heard Rose of Sariafal is really bad. You could read it and Venom in Her Veins before Twilight War series if you want to slide into Spellplague on a high note.

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Nigel (anhonorableleech) | 9 comments Spellplague to the Second Sundering*:

*and beyond

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John Hayes (jhayes27) | 5 comments I will definitely throw my thoughts in on the books I have and have read.

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Γιάννης | 3 comments Thanks for the list, I was looking for a list like that. I will probably try the same thing but not in there order. I was thinking of picking a writer and going through his/her entire work before moving to the next, in publication order.

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Dave | 1 comments Thanks for the list. :) FR really is a special and impressive undertaking by so many talented people.

anthony stewart | 1 comments I started this a while back also but i found a chronological list of every story in the series which included short stories from the ‘Realms of War/Dragons/Shadows etc’ set of books. Got through about 25 books before i had to move onto a different genre. Good luck

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Carlos (arduano) | 1 comments I use the Forgotten Realms novel checklist found on and the essential reading timeline composite within that document. I started the same 'challenge' in 2016. I have read Evermeet, the Elminster-trilogy and the Cormyr-trilogy since then. It will take me forever to read every single novel, I am afraid

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