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Hated Mockingjay, didja? My take on why HG had to end just as Collins wrote it.
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Ok, so just popped into this discussion, and I can't quite believe how many of you hated Mockingjay.... It seems a bunch of people feel pretty cheated and betrayed over the whole ending to The Hunger Games trilogy. I've read grousing here about the fact that Katniss wasn't the leader of the revolution, Prim's death, distress over Katniss' depression, her misunderstood (I think) 'yay' vote to continue the Hunger Games, and the fact that she ended up with Peeta. So I started to write a review of the book, and somehow ended up with all my ideas of why Mockingjay HAD to be exactly the way it was... Collins could have taken the easy popular way out, but it would have been a crummy ending to the series, in my mind. Anyway, here's the review (most of it is hidden as spoilers). And if any of you who hated the book have any thoughts after reading, I'd love to hear it. If, by chance, anyone out there didn't hate Mockingjay, I'd love to hear your thoughts, too. ;)

Exactly what I think! I read these books when I was very young (for YA at least, I was ten) understood all of it, and liked the ending. I didin't know what there was to pick on about the ending, and I still don't.

Well, unless you're a Gale fan like me. Then I could understand being upest. But even then, It wasnt too big of an issue for me.

I suppose it depends on the person's point of view.

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But that's what she did. She did exactly what Veronica Roth did in Allegiant. She betrayed her readers by giving them a crumby ending that was rushed and cheapened the emotions they had to the characters. I understand the book was bleak and I wasn't expecting sunshine and rainbows. But I do expect to be emotionally affected and not stricken numb with death after death so that it becomes a chore to read. She failed on to many levels.

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