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By the time my mom calls over the video phone we've hacked the school’s computer system (Seriously, veggies and mash? How 'bout we change that to lasagne?), my dad's Netflix account plus some bank in the Cayman Islands (Because there is no way we're paying for that stuff, so premium membership it is. I'm sure the guys that have bank account in the Cayman Islands wouldn't miss their money... Much...) and checked up on MI6 (Once you're in, it's hard to get out. Or that's what I tell the authorities.)
"Hi mom," I say, not even looking at the screen. Bird does.
"What's up, Mrs Reynolds?"
"Bird, your dad's driver is here to pick you up." My mom says.
"I'm on my way, Mrs Reynolds."
I type in a couple commands, and stand up. "I'll walk you out." I say, checking my computer does what I want it to do.
After Bird has left my dad stops me from going back to the hive.
How far did you get this time?
Cayman Islands. Got that Netflix problem solved.
What about Gibraltar?
Working on it. They updated their security software. Still haven't found a loophole.
Same problem.
Running now.
If you need help, tell me.
OK that may seem weird, your dad telling you to hack into banks in Europe and the Caribbean, but that’s just how my family works. Still confused? Let me explain.

My father was once the best safe cracker in the world. You name it he cracks it. Or cracked. Because one day something went horribly wrong. Some idiot he was working with dropped a concussion grenade next to the spot he was hiding. Next thing he knows both eardrums beyond repair, and he lost his hearing.
My mom on the other hand, con artist first class. We own, thanks to her, half the crown jewels of Monaco, a 19th century Chinese tea set, and at least 3 Monet’s; 5 Cézanne’s and a Rembrandt.
And then there are my brother and sister. My brother Emanuel is currently doing a job in Luxembourg. Something with extortion, I think. And Julia is a forger. Not as good as my grandpa, but she’s working on it. But if anyone asks, that Michelangelo is a fake.

I head back to the hive. Now that Bird has left I can start the real work. I know it’s faster to just not invite him in here, but he’s my best friend, and as long as he thinks I’m just hacking the school… Let’s just not start with ‘what if’ OK?
I check my program that is working on the Andorra project. Still nothing. It’s been getting harder to hack European banks since Fred, uhm, did a Judas. Fred was my mentor, or at least until I managed to hack my way into his ‘secure’ programs. After that we had coffee once a month to chat, and discuss ideas. But Fred got a conscience, and now he’s working for one of the larges security frim in the world in their IT department.
I hear a bleep. I check a screen. “Shoot!” I yell “How did they find me? OK. Damage repair.” I start typing as fast as I can. “I’m just a virus. I’m just a virus. I’m just a virus some idiot at your main building downloaded.” It’s like a mantra. I keep repeating the same things over and over again. “Just a virus. Just a virus.”

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Kamiko (kamiko1108) | 1125 comments This is amazing!

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It truly is!

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Lol...this is funny stuff...good work maj...i love it!

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Kamiko (kamiko1108) | 1125 comments Yeah!

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Sooo good! Wow, everyone here are such great writers!

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Maj | 537 comments Mod
Argh... and then you find you missed two lines.... UPDATE!

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Kayla (kburson) | 18 comments wow, I didn't expect it to go in that direction, but it's a fascinating idea.

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Myoho2000 (myoho2000_2000yahoocom) | 43 comments This work has some memorable parts, for example ".. I'm sure the guys that have bank account in the Cayman Islands wouldn't miss their money... Much.." Another - about the narrator's father having been a safecracker: "... he cracks it. Or cracked."

Keep up the good work - it has a 'lively'style and good characters so far.

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Maj | 537 comments Mod
Thanks guys :)

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