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Kingdom: (what kingdom are you from)
(Please add a pic)

eye color:
Hair color:
Markingings: (Tattoos, ect)


Evil or good wizard:
Other: (optional )

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Belle ~carry on my wayward son~ (BelleWinchester) | 21 comments Name: Mia Heatherly Decorum
age: 16 (almost 17)



eye color:blue
Hair color:light brown
Markings: has one tattoo of a moon on her wrist which represent her magical powers and her clan.

About: Mia is very soft spoken. She is rather intelligent considering her upbringing and loves to learn. Art is a passion of hers. She is shy around most people, and tends to stay away from attention. But when she does magic she forgets about all of that. She is adventurous, but cautious and knows her limits. She is usually alone or training.

Evil or good wizard: good
History: Mia was born an orphan. She never had a family and was treated horribly as a child. When she was eleven years old, the clan took her in. With them she was able to discover her magical powers and expand on them. She was marked at 15 and has been one of the leaders of the clan ever since. She is very powerful and has made a good fortune through her magic.
Family: none by blood. However she considers Lealya, the sworn leader of the clan, her mother for she has cared for Mia and brought her up. Jacob, who has taught her most of her skills, is like a father to her, and has trained her her whole life.
Other: Mia hates all birds. She doesnt know why, but she does. She is also drwan towards art, even though it is looked down upon in her clan. She wished to one day venture inside the palace.

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Thats really good!

Belle ~carry on my wayward son~ (BelleWinchester) | 21 comments why thank you :)
hehe, i was looking up pictures of girls 4 an hour lol.

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