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CREATE A KNIGHT (your character must be approved by a mod)

Kingdom: (what kingdom are you from)

(Please add a pic)

eye color:
Hair color:
Markingings: (Tattoos, ect)


Weapon of choice:
Other: (optional )

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The Phantom (zerosummations) | 25 comments Name: Falsarius Blackhand
Age: 23
Kingdom: Thurnston

With normal eyes, and generally less evil.
(Please add a pic)

Eye color: Grey
Hair color: Black
Markings: His left hand is burnt black, from torture. It is likely the flesh will never heal.

History: Ever cold and untrusting, Falsarius did little to deserve his knighthood, save for high birth and prodigious skill with a blade. He advocated the idea of using him simply as a blunt instrument of death. He kills first, and never even thinks to ask questions. He is happy with this. When captured and tortured, he said not a word as his left hand was mauled by the flames forced around it. He refused to have treatment when he was eventually freed, and wears no gauntlet on his left hand, keeping the blackened skin bared in pride.
Family: His noble parents, and no siblings.
Weapon of choice:
Armor: Black, and inlaid with jet. Practical.
Other: (optional )

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that's really good
u may b a knight

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The Phantom (zerosummations) | 25 comments Yay.

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