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Debbie (dhaupt) | 4400 comments Mod
Middle of Book

Jo is still trying to “manage” motherhood by putting everything in it’s proper box, hiring chefs, nannies,, psychologists and still trying to put together her proposal for work.
How’s that working for her
Has she learned anything
What was her epiphany

Kate is trying to become who she used to be, going on a safari with the “black brit hunk”, expecting Paul to join her in India, joining Sarah, Colin and Sam at the rural clinic.
Has she found herself
Does she like who she’s become, has she settled for who she’s become
What was her epiphany

Sarah has “renewed” her relationship with Colin, she’s followed him by his invitation to the clinic, she witnesses the almost kiss between Sam and Kate
What new have we learned about her
What has she learned about herself, has she learned anything
What has this part revealed to us and to her about Sam and Colin
What was her epiphany
We get to read Rachel’s letter to Sarah
What did it say to you, is it the same thing it said to Sarah

Debbie (dhaupt) | 4400 comments Mod
Susan wrote: "Wow, Deb what great questions. You are really making us think. Cant wait (but I have to, I am going to make sausage today) to read all the comments."

Thanks Susan we had fun discussing it the first time :)

You make sausage and I'm canning tomatoes ;)

Ang from OZ | 1668 comments I'm compiling my answers... Great questions Deb.

Ang from OZ | 1668 comments So Jo's plan isn't working out well so far. Its when she realizes that little Gracie just wants some attention, and that she is a "real little girly girl" (which comes to light with the Barbie Doll) And Jo see's that she has been going about everything the wrong way. I loved reading from her on about the developing relationship between the two of them.

I think Kate has lost herself more than found herself on the trip to India. And once she comes to see that Paul won't be joining her in India I think she has seen the error in her ways. And that in trying to bring back the younger carefree Kate she has created more problems for herself.

And finally Sarah, I think Rachel's letter was aimed at getting Sarah to stop living in the past and to embrace a future for herself. I think Sarah has been walking through the past few years of her life with "Rose Colored Glasses" on. And not seeing her then and now relationship with Colin for what it really is. I must say I didn't really like Colin as a character much. I think seeing the almost kiss between Kate and Sam as a bit of an eye opener and maybe got her thinking set on another path...

Debbie (dhaupt) | 4400 comments Mod
Ang from OZ wrote: "I'm compiling my answers... Great questions Deb."

blushing ;)

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