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Do you have any questions or Ideas?:)

Belle ~carry on my wayward son~ (BelleWinchester) | 21 comments okay, so let me get this straight. These two kingdoms that hate eachother and know they are gonna go to war still wanna marry their heirs to the opposite kingdom? or did i mix this up like i always do? lol. XD

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There two Kingdoms that have been at war and now trying to put an end to it there marrying off the prince n princess.
I already made the Prince maybe if u look at his history it will give u a better idea:)

Belle ~carry on my wayward son~ (BelleWinchester) | 21 comments i did. lol. u r prince and veronica is princess. how fitting..

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Guess it works

Belle ~carry on my wayward son~ (BelleWinchester) | 21 comments ummmm. srry but i think u guys spelled medieval wrong. just FYI.

haha. anything i look up on google brings up a supernatural reference.

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ill fix it

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The Phantom (zerosummations) | 25 comments Are there differences between the kingdoms?

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