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How obvious was the twist? *spoiler alert* (obviously)
Paolo Paolo Jul 26, 2014 04:19PM
Everyone that has finished the book (or at least read past halfway) should know what I'm talking about. The big reveal in the middle.

Was it obvious for you? Did you see it coming? What telegraphed it, if so?

I didn't think it was that obvious tbh.

I can usually predict what is going to happen in books and movie, so often that sometimes I cant finish a book because I know what is going to happen. Gone Girl was the opposite for me. this book was so unpredictable. I definitely could not put this book down, and I finished it in about a week.

by page 6 I think

I figured from the start that she was really still alive. My frustration was that it was painfully obvious there was going to be another woman involved. I'm an Amy fan, I always was, but it was absurdly typical for him to be cheating with a student. Ug. Still loved the book, and loved the ending.

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Really obvious, but that's not necessarily a bad thing. It was clear from early on that both of them could not be telling the truth. Once it's clear that one or both are lying the question is as simple as which story (if any) is consistent. Hers is not. Someone who is cowering in fear and buying a gun for protection is not dreaming up cute-sy ways to write love notes to their spouse. It fooled him because he didn't know about any of that gun stuff. Her lying explained everything perfectly. No other solution did.

Once you know she is lying, you have to ask yourself why she would lie. The answer is clear.

There are lots of other details: The evidence against him was so strong that either he did it and left an obvious trail, or someone set him up. It couldn't have been a third party person because no one else would have known to put panties in the office (as one example) that fit her treasure hunt, but that were not her size. They had to be a different size to heighten suspicion against him, so who else could have done it?

It's hard to believe that anyone as obsessed with how people see him as he was would have repeatedly raped his wife without noticing it. We know he was this way (as opposed to pretending to be) because it was confirmed by multiple third party sources (sister and the cop who kept teasing him about being the baby).

He also admitted to us (the reader) when he lied to police, but when he talked about things like the credit cards, he did not say he was lying. Why only admit it sometimes? More wouldn't have made him look worse to us. He was already a cheating liar in our eyes.

There are lots of more little things, but those prove it out pretty neatly. In general, the more facts there are, the fewer solutions fit all the known facts. As the story went on, we got more and more facts pretty quickly, so it wasn't long until only one solution explained everything. It's just process of elimination.

The reality for me was that I thought it was a cool idea. It didn't need to be a surprise to be a good idea. Ask anyone who paid attention while watching The Usual Suspects.

I suspected that the twist was a possibility. The author had given readers very good reasons to distrust both Nick and Amy as narrators, in my opinion. For me, that preserved the suspense until the big reveal, since it was equally plausible that Nick was misleading readers about his actions as it was that it was a plot of Amy's. The book was filled with twists I didn't expect, though, so I found it, as a whole, anything but predictable.

The chapter titles in the table of contents gave the gist of the plot away, but there were still surprises.

I think it was well foreshadowed, but for some reason I saw it, but didn't truly want to see it because I found out that Nick had (view spoiler).

For me, the plot twist wasn't obvious. I honestly didn't see this coming and was really surprised. But looking back, it actually wasn't that carefully hidden, though .. I guess I just really wanted to believe in the wife!

Pretty much assumed Amy was lying and alive in the beginning. Amy and Nick were made for each other--pathological liars and sociopaths--and each got what they deserved. I am so not interested in seeing the movie.

Figured it out pretty quickly because it was too easy to think Nick did it, there were no other viable suspects and there was something about the way she was telling her side of the story. But, like others have said, it didn't detract from my enjoyment of the book at all, surprisingly.

I figured something was...off about Amy from the get-go. Initial Diary Amy seemed really...idk fake. Her diary/initial point of view tried really hard to make Nick seem like some huge villain. Amy's Diary POV was nearly faultless while Nick's POV was pretty honest about his faults.

The twist didn't surprise me, I had thought she ran away. But I didn't think it was for the reasons she did it for, nor did I think she had Patrick Bateman levels of detail put into it.

How Nick and Amy ended up? Well, I consider that more of a twist than the Second Act Sociopath

The chapter titles gave it away because they were broken down to parts and I saw "When the guy gets the girl again" or something like that. But I really liked the book, I'm thinking of getting a physical copy since I have a feeling I would read it again.

I was floored by the reveal. I'm usually good at picking up on clues and can usually guess the murderer well before the end of a murder mystery, but this twist totally shocked me. I'm really curious how the movie will handle it.

The plot twist at the middle of the book I saw coming pretty much right away. As soon as Nick went home and there was signs of a struggle I just knew that it wasn't as it expected and that he was being set up. That's not to say I didn't enjoy the twist. There's joy to be had in being proven correct ;)

What I definitely did not see coming was the ending. Right up until the last page I just couldn't believe that that was how she was going to end it! How is that a sustainable situation?!

I suspected rather early that she was pulling some kind of stunt. The scale/scope of her plan, though, was a bit of a shock.

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