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This is my journal where I will fangirl nonstop about FEELS from DW and sad books. Warning: it will depress you... :'(

Sonebiyinepu (they/them) *bamf* hey DW is awesome and so is Sherlock!

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Yay! Another Whovian! Doomsday was depressing. I'm still recovering. :'(

I don't watch Sherlock. Is it good?

Sonebiyinepu (they/them) *bamf* YES so so good oh lordy good, Benedict Cumberbatch = yummy

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Haha :D That's what my friends are saying...:)

Sonebiyinepu (they/them) *bamf* he is amazing, like him plus Matt = just amazing funny geeks

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So, for all who are reading my journal:

I love

☆Doctor Who (if it isn't obvious)
☆Books like...
~The Burning Sky
~Lord of the Rings
~Chaos Walking
~Fly by Night
~The Maze Runner
~Lorien Legacies
☆Aragorn from LOTR

...and yeah...that's all I can think of...

Also, I am a depressed fangirl. Too much DW and the like...

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@Kanda: will watch soon! :)

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I'll let you know when I start :)

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And now for the part everyone has been waiting for...DOOMSDAY SPAZZING!

Doctor: I'm burning up a sun just to say goodbye.
Rose: *cries harder* I - I love you.
Doctor: Well..I suppose...since I'll never get another chance...Rose Tyler I- *disappears*
Rose: *sobs uncontrollably*
Doctor: *cries quietly*


:'(:'(:'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'(

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This episode crushed me. I was shipping Tenrose so hard and I never wanted it to end! Now, I compare Rose to Donna, and...
Rose: saved the world multiple times when she was 19.
Donna: so far has done nothing if the sort, and she's older than Rose.
I'm going to cry again.

Sonebiyinepu (they/them) *bamf* what killed me was 11th's last episode, like he saved me from suicide because of Matt being Matt, I love the guy

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Really? I'm not there yet, but now I'm nervous! Why does that show have to be so sad? :(

Sonebiyinepu (they/them) *bamf* idk, but I cried for HOURS

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Oh no...I have to watch this slower...
Wait, by 11's last episode, do you mean The Day of the Doctor?

Sonebiyinepu (they/them) *bamf* it's that one or the night of the doctor..... urm.....

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My friend told me, after I finished season one, that I would break in Doomsday.
I did.
I still cry now just looking at my profile pic which coincidentally is also my homescreen on my tablet. I love that picture but...Rose.
I don't like Donna that much. She's nothing like Rose. Absolutely nothing. Then again, I've only seen one episode of season three, but still. Rose.

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@Kanda - either way, I think I'll die in that episode...

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Speaking of the season finale of season one...I THINK I NEED A DOCTOR because of Doomsday...
When he said that...:')

Sonebiyinepu (they/them) *bamf* When Matt was reading is last words he started crying and Mof went and hugged him~ :'\

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It's that bad? :'(

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I'm writing a Doomsday poem, which I will post when I'm done it. It's in Rose's voice.

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That Last Day

I still remember that day.
The day 
We saved the world
When I left my life behind 
To follow you.
I still remember that day.
The day
We nearly died
When you saved my life
Instead of your own
And I saved yours.

And I still remember
That last day.

I still remember that day.
The day
You first changed
When I looked into your eyes
And I felt myself change, too.
I still remember that day. 
The day
We were separated
When I was forced to leave you behind
And you still came for me.

And I still remember
That last day. 

I still remember
All my feelings
The confusion
The fear
The hope
The triumph
The pain
The love
And the loss
Of that last day.

I still remember that day. 
The day
Forces of time tore us apart
Building a wall of a thousand worlds 
Between us. 
I remember
The last time I saw you
When you told me
I couldn't come back. 

I remember
What I said
What I saw in your eyes
Before you were pulled away

I knew then that we loved each other. 
But it was too late
On that last day.

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I'm close to tears right now. I know it's hypocritical to cry over my own poem, but I really don't care. :'(

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My friend is also writing a Doomsday poem. I will post that here too (yes I'm that depressed)

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I do read books, by the way. Books that made me cry were:
~Monsters of Men
~The Silmarillion
~The Iron Queen
~The Iron Knight
~City of Heavenly Fire
~The Kill Order

And that's all I can think of at the moment. Not all of those books depressed me, though (as in, I was sad for a week after). The books that depressed me were:

~The Silmarillion
~The Kill Order
~Monsters of Men
~The Iron Queen

I wrote a poem based on a story from The Silmarillion. I'll post it soon.

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I Am Here

Do you remember me?
Do you know where I am?
Do you know what has happened to me
Since the weeks have passed?
You wouldn't
You couldn’t
But I beg you:
Think of me!

What has happened to you?
Why have you abandoned me?
I have lost all hope but one:
And though you may be worlds away,
I implore you:
Come for me!

Where are you?
Will you come?
Never mind.
It is too late for me.
As my last thought
I tell you:
I am here.

This one's not as good, but I still like it. It was inspired by Finduilas's last words to Turin.

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I'm not going to post any song lyrics here because I DON'T LIKE POP MUSIC THAT MUCH. How astonishing. I play piano and cello, and I listen to and play classical and baroque music (and if you don't know what baroque music is, stop reading my journal now). Of course, I do sometimes listen to pop, and some of the songs are good, but they mostly sound the same to me. No offense to those who can actually distinguish between songs and bands (I certainly can't)

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About my poetry: Yes, I write it and enjoy it. I don't care if it's 'old - fashioned'. I learned how to write it in school and now I pour all my book/DW feels into my poetry. It helps a lot, actually. You should try it. Don't be embarrassed, just write. Mine probably suck, anyway.

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I'm writing a Tenrose fanfic as soon as I get the time. I already have an idea. I will be posting it here:
if you are interested.

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If my fanfic doesn't make sense to you, it's because I only just started season three. Just saying. No spoilers please. :)

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I'm learning how to play the Doomsday song on piano and cello! I'm going to arrange it for cello, flute, maybe violin, and maybe piano so my friends can play it at my school's talent show and make all Whovians cry! And maybe some non-Whovians will cry too because the song is so sad! :'(

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My fanfic is making me feel like Rose is still with the Doctor. I don't know if that's a good thing or a bad thing, but if I were to rewatch Doomsday, I think I would get a lot more depressed.

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Roses are red
The TARDIS is blue
The Doctor said
"Rose Tyler-"

*sobs* FEEEEEELSSSSSSS!!!!!!!;

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It's depressing how alike Rose and Martha are. They could be sisters, personality-wise. I still like Rose more.

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LOOK WHAT I FOUND!!!!!!!!!!!


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I discovered how to post gifs. Here's my first one:

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Gifs add a whole new level of sadness, don't they? :'(

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*sobs quietly*

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THAT QUOTE KILLED ME! *gives up on trying to sob quietly*

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And here's the worst one...brace yourselves...

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And just to console you all slightly...

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I should...I'm going to make myself cry soon...

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I can't help myself, there are so many sad gifs! And yes, I'm crying now. :'(

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Here's my friend's Doomsday poem! Now everyone cry like I did. :'(

"This is the story of how I died
How the world was saved
How the doctor cried"

"This is the story of a raging war
Battles go on
Like never before"

"This is the story of people we lost
Who would give their lives
No matter the cost"

"This is the story of asking why
You would burn up a sun 
Just to say goodbye"

"This is the story where every word is true
And how he said at the end
Rose Tyler I-"

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