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message 1: by Kevin (new)

Kevin | 5 comments I've been collecting graphic novels for about a year now and am happy with my decision to collect in TPB format, for several reasons. One of those reasons is availability, in that TPBs seem to be essentially always available, while hardcovers are not.

I'm wondering if someone can quantify that for me. In other words, are there some graphic novels that aren't released in hardcover at all or are otherwise very hard to get in that format?

message 2: by Laverne (new)

Laverne M Some comic publishers will only publish in TPB, due to the lower price point than hardback. It's like the trade paperback size in fiction- if the book doesn't have a big name author or marketing push, no hardcover.
If the GN stands as a fan favorite, years later they may release other collected editions or hardbacks. They can be awesome, fat, pricey!

message 3: by Julian (new)

Julian (julian_stropes) | 8 comments My local stores here only have a few select titles in hardcover (that or they only do a run of first prints and no others). Like Laverne said, unless the book is a big title or something it's hard to find much of anything in hardcover, at least around here (always plenty of Batmans in HC though - haha).

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